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The Lyons

TAS Hoskins Centre
Directed by Mark Bourne


There are probably more comedies written about family relationships than any other subject. We laugh at them because we see our own family in them, or because we are grateful NOT to see our own family in them! 

The Lyons is a wickedly funny comedy about a New York family dealing with the terminal illness of the father. Not your typical comic subject matter, but the first time I read it, I was immediately drawn to the way the play uses humour even as the Lyons deal with their toughest challenges. This is not Hollywood territory. The Lyons don't do noble suffering and sentimental sadness. They do anger, recrimination and conflict. For me, that's what made it funny.They are all selfish and flawed and yet still wonderfully human. For all its laughs and offensive insults, The Lyons also has a lot to say about regret, about the damage that an unhappy marriage causes and the ways in which our childhoods live with us, for better or worse. 

The play does contains strong language and adult themes. 

I would like to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to a cast of six who have worked so hard to bring the play to life. Their enthusiasm and commitment has made this a great experience. 

Thanks also to the Backstage Crew for their contributions to the production and to the whole front-of-house team. It takes a lot of people to bring a play to the stage and time and again ADMS members and friends step up and get the show on the road. 

Lastly, I would like to thank Marney Tilley for her tireless efforts as Publicity Officer for this production. It is often a thankless task, but there is no point having a great show without someone putting in the effort to find us an audience. 

So, sit back, relax and come meet The Lyons. 

Mark Bourne 




Rita - Lisa Quast 

Ben - David Trestrail 

Lisa - Valerie Dalton 

Curtis - Matthew Whittingham 

Nurse - Katya Gladiadis 

Realtor - Tomas McDougall 

Act One

One evening in a Manhattan hospital room. 

Act Two

Scene I: One week later at an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting. Scene 2:The following day. A vacant studio apartment. 

Scene 3:Three days later in a Manhattan hospital room. 

Production Team

Directed by Mark Bourne 

Lighting Design and Set-up - Diana Heimrich 

Lighting & Sound Operator - Bianca Schloeffel 

Costumes - Mark Bourne & Cast 

Backstage Crew -Annie Keoghan, Anna Gayner & Shana Byrne

Publicity Officer - Marney Tilley 

Front of House Manager - Peter Crick 

Front of House Team - Marney Tilley, Kathryn Smith, 

Terrie Crick, John Hamel, Jody Brash, Garry Slocombe, 

Kent Laverack, Crystal Brunyee, Fay Paris, Grace Paris, 

Marg Kennedy, Rene Dasey, Sharyn Donnan, Anita Brown, Margaret Sims 


Hospital bed kindly provided by the Armidale Rural Referral Hospital Medical Props generously supplied by the Armidale Private Hospital


ADMS would also like to thank the following people for their assistance and contribution to the production: Neil Horton, Michael Gibson, David Trestrail, Carolyn Shepherd, Greg Quast, Anne Keoghan, Terry Cooke, Simon Williamson, Cary Bennett, and Rosemary Mort 

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