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Procedures and Criteria for Awarding
Life Membership of the ADMS


  1. The Life Membership Committee will consist of the Executive (ADMS President, Vice-presidents, Treasurer and Secretary)

  2. Any nomination for life membership should be made at least two meetings prior to the Annual General Meeting.

  3. While the nomination can come from any financial member, it must be ‘sponsored’ by an Executive Committee member.

  4. It will then become the responsibility of that Committee member to present evidence to the Executive regarding the nominee that will allow an informed decision by the Executive, based on the criteria set out below, as to the worthiness of the nominee as a life member of the Society.
    The reason for placing the responsibility on the ‘sponsor’ or nominator is to stop the situation arising where little information is provided about a nominee, therefore making it difficult for Executive members to decide on the nomination.

  5. Once a nomination has been received by the Executive, the Secretary shall have the responsibility of calling a special meeting of all Committee members to decide on the nomination (this can be an email meeting). This should be done in conjunction with the nominator to allow time to gather the relevant information

  6. All Committee members should be aware that it is not necessary for a Life Membership to be granted each year.


Criteria for consideration are as follows. There are three areas of service in the Society:

a. Show participation (all areas, including production, set building, technical and back stage)
b. Administration
c. General contribution (including fund-raising, supporting and other issues that a Committee may see as relevant)

The nominee must have been a financial member for a significant time (10+ years approximately) and have given an outstanding contribution in at least one of these areas and some notable contribution in the other areas or contribution deemed appropriate at the discretion of the executive.

Life members

Beryl Hamel, Bruce Menzies, Colin Barry, Diana Helmrich, Donna Wainohu, Dorothy Pollard, Jean Freer, Margaret Kennedy, Marney Tilley, Michael Gibson, Neil Horton , Pat Bradley, Robyn Bradley


Life members - in memoriam
Aline Christenson,  Barbara Colledge, Denis Wright, Frances O'Brien, John Hamel, Ngaire Lewis

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