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The Denis Wright Award

This award acknowledges the contribution through participation and commitment of a member of the Society who has developed skills in some technical aspect of production during one or more shows. 

The winner will have demonstrated dedication to and responsibility for their area of interest and a desire to pursue the development of those skills for the future.

Youth is an important consideration in deciding the award, but a person of any age who has made a significant contribution in accordance with these criteria should also be considered.

Implementation of the Award:

1. Is awarded annually at the AGM if a suitable nominee has been put forward.
2. Needs to be show specific from a show in the last financial year.
3. After each show producer/director/stage manager will put forward a nominee.
4. At the end of the twelve month period a decision will be made between the producers/directors/stage managers of shows of the previous 12 months on their nominees

5. The executive will receive the nominees from shows and  will meet (or email) to consider the recipient in the period between our major autumn production and the AGM.. 
5. Remuneration plus certificate is to be on parity with the Ngaire Lewis Award.



2023 - Hadi Hussein

2022 - Hugo Catterall

2021 - Archie Todd

2020 - (Not awarded)

2019 - Greg Quast

2018 - James Murray

2017 - (Not awarded)

2016 - Matthew Whittingham
2015 - Daniel Coffey
2014 - Anthony Carlon
2013 - [Not awarded]
2012 - Rachel Horton
2011 - Carolyn Shepherd
2010 - Harrison Abey

The Ngaire Lewis Award

This award is to be made annually in the General Business section of our A.G.M. The award celebrates the memory of our late friend and colleague Ngaire Lewis who during her 10 years as part of the Armidale Drama & Musical Society enriched our group with her talent, commitment, hard work and selflessness. When the society was on its last legs Ngaire was one of the band who stepped forward and helped lift it to its present day stature.



1. The award is to be presented annually at the AGM of the ADMS.
2. The recipient shall receive a certificate and a cheque for $250.
3. The inaugural presenter will be Ngaire Lewis’ daughter Donna Wainohu but after that it will left to the discretion of the Executive in the hope that they approve someone who knew Ngaire and can mention her contributions when making the award.
4. Nominations for the award are to be made after each ADMS production. 
5. Nominees will be put forward by a committee composed of the Director, Musical Director and Producer.
6. The executive will receive the nominees from shows and up to two further nominees from the membership and will meet to consider the recipient in the period between our major autumn production and the AGM.
7. Persons nominating and seconding nominations, and nominees, must be financial members. Nomination for this Award is open to all financial members. That is, members, crew, cast and orchestra.


It is important to realise that this is not a talent quest. To do justice to Ngaire’s memory this award must be made in the spirit of the person it commemorates. What this award sets out to do is to reward the person whose commitment to the Society outweighs their desire for self gain. Accordingly the criteria is laid out below:

1. Demonstrates a commitment to the Armidale Drama & Musical Society through active and reliable involvement in any aspect of the Society and the Society’s philosophies.

2. Demonstrates personal achievement, while at the same time maintains a caring attitude towards others, generosity of spirit and a sense of selflessness.

Download the Ngaire Lewis Award nomination form here


2023 - Mike Baker

2022 - Richard Kiehne

2021 - (Not awarded)

2020 - (Not awarded)

2019 - Lindy Hardman

2018 - Liz Ryan

2017 - (Not awarded)

2016 - [Not awarded]
2015 - Melissa Killen
2013 - Ben Bible
2012 - Deborah Hunter
2011 - Pam Menzies
2010 - Robyn Bradley & Margaret Kennedy 
2009 - Denis Wright & Diana Helmrich 
2008 - Patrick Bradley & Luke Polson
2007 - Colin Barry
2006 - Tracey James & Hanneke Raanhuis
2005 - Barbara Colledge
2004 - Nick Monk
2003 - Therese Scott

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