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The Producers: A New Mel Brooks Musical

May/June 2011

Lazenby Hall, UNE

Book by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan. Music and Lyrics by Mel Brooks.

By special arrangement with StudioCanal and arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd.


Max Bialystock is the self-styled King Of Broadway and a second rate theatrical producer. He romances rich little old ladies with the intention to fleece them of their cash to invest in his shows. He meets Leo Bloom a very neurotic accountant, who innocently realises that if Max were to invest the ill gotten loads of cash obtained from a large number of little old ladies in a guaranteed flop, they could be rich. Very rich.

The two of them then set out to hire directors and actors with the least amount of talent on Broadway to produce the worst ever written musical. They would then sit back and wait for the damning reviews to ensure a guaranteed flop. Thus the birth of the musical Springtime For Hitler, a gay romp set in the mountains of Bavaria. Their plan is flawless right?


Act I

Outside the Shubert Theatre

'It's Opening Night ' - Usherettes, First Nighters

'The King of Broadway' - Max, Bag Lady, Blind Violinist, Usherettes, Ensemble 

The Office of Max Bialystock 

'We Can Do It' - Max, Leo 

Offices of Whitehall and Marks 

'I Wanna Be a Producer' - Leo, Accountants, Chorus Girls 

The Office of Max Bialystock 

'I Wanna Be a Producer' (Reprise) - Max, Leo 

Apartment Rooftop on Jane Street 

'In Old Bavaria' - Franz, Pigeons 

'Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop' - Franz, Max, Leo 

The Living Room of Roger DeBris's Upper East Side Townhouse

'Keep It Gay' - Max, Leo, Roger, Roger's Team, Carmen 

'Conga' - Max, Leo, Roger, Roger's Team, Carmen, Ensemble 

The Office of Max Bialystock 

'When You've Got It, Flaunt It'- Ulla 

'Along Came Bialy' - Max, Leo, Little Old Ladies, Ulla, Roger, Carmen,

Roger's Team, Franz, Ensemble

Act II

White Office

'That Face' - Ulla, Leo

Bare Theatre Stage

'Have You Ever Heard the German Band' - Franz 

Outside the Schubert Theatre 

'It's Opening Night' (Reprise) - Usherettes 

'It's Bad Luck to Say Good Luck on Op'ning Night' - Carmen, Roger, Leo, Franz 

Schebert Theatre Stage

'Springtime for Hitler' - Chorus, Stormtroopers, Roger, Ulla 

Bialystock's Office 

'Where Did We Go Right' - Max, Leo 

'Leo Goes to Rio' - Ulla, Leo 

Holding Cell 

'Betrayed' - Max 


''Til Him' - Max, Leo, Little Old Ladies 

Sing Sing Prison 

'Prisoners of Love' - Max, Leo, Franz, Ulla, Roger, Convicts, Girl prisoners

Finale - All


Well here we are, 14 weeks of damned hard work! Having done a fair few "big" musicals before, I felt that "The Producers" would be well within previous capacities. Maybe it's age, but this one seemed to be bigger than anything I have everdone before. Mel Brook's hilarious and tuneful musicalisation of his hit film just kept throwing challenges at the creative team as we went along. 

Tonight will be the proof in the pudding as to how we overcame them. One thing for sure is that Mel Brook's show never once failed to have us all in stitches marvelling at this legendary comedian's abilities. I would like to thank a few people who made this show a reality. My ever enthusiastic Assistant Director Kylie Constantine was with me right from the start and I thank her for keeping me on the straight and narrow throughout this process.

Anne Keoghan for being there at nearly all our rehearsals busily scribing all our moves and prompting whenever she was needed. 

Graham Maddox for stepping into the Musical directors shoes in what turned out to be a tricky score to grapple with, Graham never once lost his enthusiasm and I thank him for guiding us through the music's intricacies with skill and aplomb. I would also like to thank all our repetiteurs Warwick Dunham, Cathy Archer, Hilary Pearson and Euna Yeom this can often be a thankless repetitive task and they all attacked the score with enthusiasm,skill and good grace. I take my hat off to the truly talented Melissa Killen, what a great choreographer she is and we are blessed to have her work on this production. 

Finally thanks to all the others in the team from Producer Waine Grafton to Stage Manager Colin Barry to construction engineer Pat Bradley to Props master Pam Menzies we just couldn't have done it without you. So sit back and enjoy what I am sure you will find a riotous ride from one of the greatest comedic writers of our times.


Max Bialystock: Michael Gibson, 

Leo Bloom: Alex Robson, 

Franz Liebkind: David Trestrail, 

Roger DeBris: Christopher Curcuruto, 

Carmen Ghia: Ben Bible, 

Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yonsen Tallen-Hallen

Svaden-Svanson: Imogen Dean

Usherettes: Jocelyn Harris, Karin von Strokirch, Lisa Quast, Ros Brady

First Nighters: Amber Lennon, Anne Keoghan, David Paterson, Dylan Ryan, Ellen Fitzgerald, Ewan Paterson, Garry Slocombe, Katie Broomfield, Katya Gladiadis, Laura Stodart, Michael Abbott, Minnie Rose, Neil Horton, Robyn Slocombe

Bag Lady: Aline Christenson

Blind violinist: Anne Matley

Accountants: Mr Marks: Jim Harrop, David Paterson, Dylan Ryan, Ewan Paterson, Garry Slocombe, Neil Horton (soloist), Peter Crick, Will Smidt

Roger's Team: Bryan the Set Designer: Will Smidt, Kevin the Costume Designer: David Paterson, Scott the Choreographer: Ewan Paterson, Shirley Markowitz the Lighting Designer: Katya Gladiadis, Sabu: Rachel Horton

Conga Chorus: Construction Worker: Dylan Ryan, Sailor: Michael Abbott, Cop: Jim Harrop, Native American: Neil Horton

Little Old Ladies: 

Hold Me Touch Me: Annie Abbott, 

Lick Me Bite Me: Anne Keoghan, 

Kiss Me Feel Me: Lisa Quast, 

Clinch Me Pinch Me: Robyn Slocombe,  

Like Me Bite Me: Kim Wardman, Aline Christenson, Amber Lennon, Anne Matley, Charlie Wright, Claudia Martin, David Pateron, Dylan Ryan, Ellen Fitzgerald, Garry Slocombe, Jocelyn Harris, Katya Gladiadis, Keziah Knight, Laura Horton, Laura Stodart, Lindy Hardman, Marney Tilley, Michael Abbott, Nicole Farrell, Penny Williams, Peter Crick, Ros Brady 

Audition Pianist: Penny Williams, Dancing and Singing Hitlers: Charlie Wright, Ellen Fitzgerald, Kim Wardman, Laura Horton, Marney Tilley, Minnie Rose, Nicole Farrell, Will Smidt, Jack Lepidus: David Paterson, Donald Dinsmore: Ewan Paterson, Jason Green: Michael Abbott 

Bavarian Peasants: David Paterson, Ewan Paterson, Karin von Strokirch, Lisa Quast, Michael Abbott, Neil Horton, Robyn Slocombe, Ros Brady 

Stormtrooper: Will Smidt, Stormtrooper Mel: Peter Crick, Stormtrooper Rolf: Garry Slocombe

Follies Girls: Charlie Wright, Ellen Fitzgerald, Jocelyn Harris, Laura Horton 

Sergeant of Police: David Paterson, Officer O'Rourke: Michael Abbott, Officer O'Reilly: Jim Harrop

Judge: Anne Matley, Warden: Jim Harrop, Convicts: David Paterson, Ewan Paterson, Garry Slocombe, Michael Abbott, Neil Horton, Will Smidt, Girl Prisoners: Ellen Fitzgerald, Jocelyn Harris, Laura Horton, Lindy Hardman, Minnie Rose 

Tank Girls: Katie Broomfield, Rachel Horton 

Featured Dancers: Nicole Farrell, Jocelyn Harris, Lindy Hardman, Claudia Martin, Simone Pearce, Minnie Rose, Laura Stodart, Ellen Fitzgerald, Charlie Wright, Not You Showgirl: Marney Tilley


Violin: Laurie Pulley, Colin Sholl, Eliza Scott, Maurice Anker

Cello: Angela Farrell

Flute: Gerard Larkins, Nicolette Burr

Clarinet: Benjamin Sindel, Aiden Gallagher

Horn: Bruce Menzies

Trumpet: Georgina Chorley

Trombone: David Brown, Yossi Bokor

Drums: Daniel Bale

Percussion: Matt Gray

Keyboard: Warwick Dunham

Bass Keyboard: Robyn Bradley


Director: Neil Horton

Assistant Director: Kylie Constantine

Assistant to the Director/Prompt: Anne Keoghan 

Music Director: Graham Maddox 

Assistant to the Music Director: Kylie Constantine

Repetituers: Warwick Dunham, Cathy Archer, Hilary Pearson, Euna Yeom

Producer: Waine Grafton

Stage Manager: Colin Barry

Set/Artistic Design: Waine Grafton

Construction Engineer: Pat Bradley

Set Construction: Gordon Cope, Pat Bradley, Colin Barry, Neil Horton, cast and crew

Lighting Design: Luke Polson 

Lighting Operator: Diana Helmrich

Sound: Carolyn Shepherd

Costume Design & Making: Margaret Sims

Costume Helpers & Sewers: Kylie Zhong, Paula Bowden, Ros Littledyke, Rhonda Forrest, Liz Ellis, Cathryn McCormack, Alisa Perks, Ania Glover, Lenore Crocker, Robyn Slocombe, Karin von Strokirch, Jan Paterson, Jeanette Bermann, Minnie Rose, Anne Cunningham, Shirley Cooke, Jenny Thomas, Jocelyn Harris, June Billings 

Properties Manager: Pam Menzies 

Publicity & Promotion: Marney Tilley, Warren Bartik 

Poster Design/Program/Artwork: Greg Balcombe

Make-up: Mike Gibson, Carol Elder, Kerri Faint, Rebecca Smith

Dressers: Rhiannon Wright

Stage Crew: Warren Bartik, Luke Pavel, Brett Smith, Kayla Paterson, Josh Martin, Peter Hutton, Jocelyn Walken-Brown, Kaitlin Fell, Erica Hughes, Duncan Quast, Alby Behrens

Ticketing: Neil Horton, Diana Helmrich

Photography: Terry Cooke

Front of House: John Brady, Bob Thompson with Julie Collins, Liz Ellis, Frances Tafra, Cathy McCormack, Deborah Hunter, Jan Wyles, Judy McLeod, Aaron Sullivan, Sam Rodgers, Helen Sisson


Judy Graham and Ben Venue Primary School for the rehearsal venue, Rocky and the New England Hotel for displaying our banner, The Armidale School for loan of the revolving stage, Wendy Huddleston as audition accompanist, Lindy Hardman for her great assistance with hair, Armidale Antiques and Design, Michael Maratea Restorations, Covered in Style Upholsters, Colin Pell Master Upholsterer, Bernie May, Greg Balcombe, Rebecca Smith, Maurice Anker, Frances Tafra, Tim Abbott, Stella Cejas, Poh Woodland, PLC, Brian Kelly's Transport

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