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Lazenby Hall, UNE – August 2013

Conducted by Bruce Menzies

With the Armidale Symphony Orchestra and invited solists

Music by Jerome Kern. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Additonal lyrics by PD Wodehouse. Orchestration by Robert Russell Bennett.

Act I

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes – Ruth Strutt with Robyn Bradley on piano
Lovely to Look At – Michael Abbott
Look for the Silver Lining – Kylie Constantine and chorus
Who? – Michael Gibson and chorus
Can I Forget You? – Phil Oxley
The Last Time I Saw Paris – Leanne Roobol
The Song is You – Phil Oxley
All the Things You Are – Ruth Strutt and chorus

Act II

Show Boat Overture – Orchestra
Introduction – Narrator
Cotton Blossom – Chorus
Story – Narrator

Where’s the Mate for Me? – Ravenal
Story – Narrator, Ravenal, Magnolia
Make Believe – Ravenal, Magnolia
Story – Narrator, Joe, Magnolia

Ol’ Man River – Joe

Story – Narrator, Magnolia, Julie

Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man – Julie
Misery Theme – Narrator, Chorus
Story – Narrator
Life Upon the Wicked Stage – Chorus Girls, Chorus

Story – Narrator, Ravenal, Magnolia
You Are Love – Ravenal, Magnolia
The Sports of Gay Chicago – Chorus
Story – Narrator

Why Do I Love You? – Ravenal, Magnolia
Story – Narrator
Bill – Julie

Story – Narrator


Narrator: Christopher Ross-Smith
Gaylord Ravenal – Neil Horton
Magnolia – Kylie Constantine
Joe – Richard Kiehne
Julie – Inge Southcott
Chorus Girls – Ruth Strutt, Elizabeth Ellis, Kate Drayton, Lisa Quast
Captain Andy – Bruce Menzies


Soloists: Ruth Strutt, Michael Abbott, Kylie Constantine, Michael Gibson, Leanne Roobol, Phil Oxley, Neil Horton, Richard Kiehne, Inge Southcott, Kate Drayton, Elizabeth Ellis, Lisa Quast, Christopher Ross-Smith


Soprano: Peta Bale, Caroline Belmont, Anita Brown, Gillian Carpenter, Kim Glover, Joan Harnetty, Sharyn Holmes, Cathie Lamont, Ellie Paris, Grace Paris, Maree Puxty, Val Sherwell, Robyn Slocombe, Christine Thorley, Di Trestrail, Valerie Tucek

Contralto: Karin Barber, Gaylia Bigg, Sabrina Blakely, Ros Brady, Sue Denison, Bar Finch, Alanna Hillsey, Janet Hobbs, Lyn Macey, Anne Matley, Kaye Mill, Jennifer Sayer, Lynette Schuh, Jenny Sholl, Carolyn Shepherd, Margaret Sims, Marney Tilley

Tenor: Mark Arnold, John Hamel, Des Harris, Ewan Paterson, Bruce Southcott

Bass: Peter Bailey, Bill Carson, Christopher Gleeson, Simon Cowie, Peter Crick, Bill Denison, Peter Holm, William Hughes, Bob Marchant, Greg McPhan, Karl Robertson, Garry Slocombe, Alec Watt, Rod Wise


Violin I: Alexander Crawford (Concertmaster), Colin Sholl, Margaret Butcher, Emma Scott, Alana Blackman, Errol Russell
Violin II: Michelle Guppy, Maurice Anker, Beth Kenrick, Anne Gates, Lucy Isaacs, Yvonne Arnold, Claudia Strachan

Viola: Jacqui Thompson, Laurie Pulley, Chris Cunningham

Violoncello: Charlotte Low, Daniel Stanley, Randal Bollenhagen, Mary Kate O’Connor, Rhonda Davey, Laura Crandell
Double Bass: Francesca Andreoni, Vicki Harbison

Flute: Sharon Davidge, Gerard Larkins

Clarinet: Hiroko Scott, Caitlyn Jeremy, Jenny Game-Lopata
Oboe: David Rowe, Jennie Shaw
Bassoon: Alex Bell, Peter Maddox
French Horn: Alastair Finco, Joy Kerr, Zara Brookes, Tom Cooper
Trumpet: Tim Egan, Will Smith, John Hadfield
Trombone: Dave Brown, Clare Keeble, Margaret Sharpe
Tuba: John Tucek
Percussion: Stuart Pavel, Morgan Broadbent
Tympani: David Gee

Pianoforte/Keyboard: Robyn Bradley, Maddie Ryan


Bruce Menzies, Robyn Bradley, Neil Horton, Kylie Constantine, Alana Blackburn, Pat Bradley, Marney Tilley, Inge Southcott


Robyn Bradley – Repititeur, Inge Southcott – Artwork, New England Singers – Ushers, NECOM – photocopying facilities, Helen Gee and volunteers – Front of House, Maurice Anker – Poster Design, UNE – Venue, Diana Helmrich – Custodian

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