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Favourite Shorts 2011 - Armidale's 5th Festival of Short Plays


Produced by Diana Helmrich

Hoskins Theatre – The Armidale School, November 2011

Week One

Act I

A Collection of Poetzinc Mini Plays directed by Benjamin Thorn

City of Dreams by Benjamin Thorn

       Heloise Fortin

Poverty by Sue McMichael

       Margaret Sims

Pet Dogs by Val Chubb

       Heather Grigg

The Supermarket by Benjamin Thorn

       Jody Brash

Boy on Bicycle by Val Chubb

       Simon Hamilton

What Happened? by Meredith Adams

       Roslyn Manion, Jody Brash, Bob Thompson, Margaret Sims

One Short Life by Maxine Ross

       Heather Grigg

Today by Val Chubb

       Simon Hamilton

The Piano by Brian Neville

       Brian Neville, Bob Thompson,        Simon Hamilton

Homeless by Val Chubb

       Heloise Fortin

Healing Words by Bernd Kusch

       Roslyn Manion, Bob Thompson, Benjamin Thorn, Heather Grigg, Margaret Sims

Mail by Bob Thompson

       Simon Hamilton, Jody Brash

The Sea Surrounds You by Meredith Adams

       Heather Grigg

The Business of the Trough by Bob Thompson

       Bob Thompson

Conjury by Val Chubb

Roslyn Manion

Houseboat by Val Chubb

       Simon Hamilton

Ecosolution by Val Chubb

       Heather Grigg

Innocuous as Old Age by Meredith Adams

       Jody Brash

His Favourite Chair by Peter Langston

       Margaret Sims, Heather Grigg

Ritual by Val Chubb

       Heloise Fortin, Roslyn Manion, Heather Grigg, Jody Brash, Margaret Sims

Act II

Thank You, Mr Pongpat by Frank Leggett directed by Ben Davies

       Hamish: Boyd Ison  
       Lara: Laura Stodart

       Mr Pongpat: Jo Ho

A couple in Thailand are picking up the dead brother of Hamish. Lara, a girl struggling to leave her working class roots behind, doesn't want to be there. She has no sympathy for Hamish, just contempt for him, the official and all of Thailand. They are offered a deal by Mr Pongpat, the Thai official, that is very tempting, well for Lara anyway. In the end they compromise and everyone is a winner, well almost....

Morality Play by Geoff Tanks directed by Ewan Paterson

       Young Priest: Will Smidt

       Older Man: Adam Cafarella

A priest is held at gun-point by a sophisticated, well-mannered, yet intimidating villain, whose motive is initially shrouded in some mystery. It eventually becomes apparent that he seeks vengeance for robbing a woman of her right to die, upon the grounds of immutable religious principals. To challenge the priest's conception of moral judgement, the assassin forces him to make a confronting decision.

Baby Talk by Margaret Symonds directed by Laura Stodart

       Sally: Jocelyn Harris

       Tom: Will Smidt

       Carol: Katya Gladiadis

       Dan: Ewan Paterson

Proud parents, Sally and Tom are at home with baby when their friends, Carol and Dan drop by for a visit. Carol and Dan are nosy, loud and obnoxious but Sally and Tom overlook their faults in the name of good will and friendship. They don't know that these two people they've invited into their house and accepted as Godparents to their son are also two-faced, judgmental snobs who make snide comments behind their backs and criticise everything from Sally and Tom's cooking to their parenting skills to their newborns hair colour!

Will Sally and Tom finally see through their friend’s facade? Will Carol and Dan get their comeuppance? And will Tom ever make it back from the hatstand?

Brothers and Sisters by Adam Cafarella directed by Adam Cafarella

       The sister: Laura Cannon

We often relish joyous moments in our lives where we reflect on thoughts and memories of family. But things can change in an instant and tragedy can overwhelm us in that instant, can make us question what it means to be brothers and sisters. A young woman reminisces about her family, her loss and the loss of others.

The Hatter by Alex Robson directed by Chris Curcuruto

       The Hatter: Alex Robson

When Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published in 1865, there was no Mad Hatter. There was the Hatter, and he does first appear in the chapter titled ‘A Mad Tea-Party’, but nowhere in the novel is he called the Mad Hatter. Is he mad? Who calls him that? Why does he say what he says?

These are the questions that threaten to drive the Hatter mad…

Week Two

Act I

A Collection of Poetzinc Mini Plays Directed by Benjamin Thorn

Drunk as a Skunk by Benjamin Thorn

       Cecile Michels, Jonathon Larsen, Benjamin Thorn

Herbal Remedies by Sue McMichael

       Mary Macken-Horarik

Winter Rose by Val Chubb

       Bob Thompson, Jody Brash

Dark Spring by Bernd Kusch

       Heather Grigg, Margaret Sims

Bin Boy by Val Chubb

       Kyle Donnan, Phil Donnan, Jody Brash, Roslyn Manion, Mary Macken-Horarik

Losing Weight by Proxy by Peter Langston

       Phil Donnan, Jody Brash

Identity Theft by Val Chubb

       Heather Grigg

My Father and the Book Club by Brian Neville

       Brian Neville, Phil Donnan, Mary Macken-Horarik, Roslyn Manion

Noon by Val Chubb

       Kyle Donnan

Keeping Up by Ann Lax

       Roslyn Manion

Statistic by Val Chubb

       Bob Thompson

Point of View by Val Chubb

       Simon Hamilton, Kyle Donnan

The Angel on the TV Antenna by Meredith Adams

       Mary Macken-Horarik, Jody Brash, Bridget Driver

Winter Solstice by Maxine Ross

       Roslyn Manion, Mary Macken-Horarik, Bob Thompson, Heather Grigg, Jody Brash

Observations by Bob Thompson

       Simon Hamilton

See me Dance the Polka by Val Chubb

       Margaret Sims, Bridget Driver, Madeleine Ho, Simon Hamilton,     Kyle Donnan, Bob Thompson

 Act II

 From a Great Height by Mark Konik directed by Martin Mantle

       Dan: Warren Bartik

Dan is a man with a plan. Well if you call hoping his iPhone doesn’t have one of those programming glitches like not recognising daylight savings time, the trains run on time, some brat doesn’t get on the lift and press all the buttons because He’s going through a phase and he gets to work on time to ‘casually’ bump into Beth in the corridor two floors above the floor where Dan works, a corridor Dan has never been known to frequent, a ‘plan’. Then maybe, just maybe Beth will say yes to a drink after work.

Mr & Mrs Metcalfe Enjoy the Music of Elton John by Frank Leggett directed by Ben Davies

       Keith: Saul Cafarella

       Kylie: Mary Macken-Horarik

A loving couple are telling their life to camera as a last will and testament. They reminisce about the good times, the sad times, and their regrets before committing the ultimate sacrifice for love.

Catastrophe by Dona Parise directed by Chris Curcuruto

       Greg: Alex Robson

       Sue: Chloe Hutchins

Greg and Sue are married. They have been for many years. Something stands between them. Something always has. It is precious to Greg. It is beastly to Sue. Sue resents it. Greg treasures it. It threatens to tear them apart. Will Greg let it go? Will Sue let it go on?

If the Shoe Fits by Genevieve Yates directed by Margaret Sims

       Nekiasha: Lisa Ward

       Malena: Lisa Quast

Malena is looking for a new pair of shoes but this is not her real agenda. Watch out Nakiska, your rival knows who you are. What will Malena do for her friend Bec and Bec's husband Jeremy?

Compound written and directed by Warren Bartik

       Steve: Connor Ward-Kenway

       Anna: Madeleine Ho

       Sienna: Bridget Driver

       Chris: Jarod Hartung

Four young people find themselves thrown together following a major catastrophic event. For three days they face each other and themselves as they contemplate their fate and future. Are they together through accident or by design?


Producer: Diana Helmrich
Artistic Directors: Jean Freer, Martin Mantle
Stage Manager: Colin Barry
Stage Crew: Luke Pavel, Warren Bartik, Chris Curcuruto
Lighting Design: Diana Helmrich
Lighting Desk: Jen Mitchell
Audio/Visual: Pat Bradley
Publicity: Warren Bartik
Photography: Terry Cooke
Front of House: Anne Cunningham, Anne Keoghan,

Annie Abbott, Ben Bible, Bernard Cunningham, Carol Elder, Cathie Lamont, Claire Keoghan,       David Paterson, Dot Pollard, Garry Slocombe, Heather Pavel, Jan Patterson, Mike Gibson, Robyn Slocombe, Ros Brady, Sharyn Holmes


Ann Helmrich for making the Favourite Shorts, Armidale Tourist Information, Coles Supermarket for loan of shopping trolley, 
Dymocks Bookshop as our ticket agent, The Armidale Express especially Michelle Turner, The Armidale Playhouse for rehearsal venue, The Independent Newspaper especially Lisa Walker, The New England Hotel for displaying our banner​

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