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Oliver 1971

Town Hall, Armidale - November 1971

Stage Direction by Jim Graham
Musical Direction by Keith Aubrey

In association with The Armidale Orchestra and in conjunction with The Armidale School

 Book, music and lyrics by Lionel Bart. By arrangement with J C Williamson Theatres Ltd and Tams-Witmark Music Library, New York.


"Oliver!" first performed in London on 30th June, 1960 - is an adaptation by Lionel Bart of Charles Dickens' classic novel "Oliver Twist". Although the story of Oliver Twist is told in the musical in a less brutal and less callous way than in Dickens' novel and although many of the characters are more humane and less evil than in the original, the story nevertheless is the same.

Oliver, an orphan and an inmate of the Workhouse, has the temerity to ask Mr Bumble, the Beadle 'for more' as a result he is 'sold' to Mr Sowerberry the undertaker. From here, however, he escapes and is befriended by the "Artful Dodger" who takes him to Fagin's Thieves' Kitchen. Oliver is wrongly suspected of picking the pocket of a Mr Brownlow - a respectable gentleman - and though taken before a magistrate, is befriended by Mr Brownlow, who takes him home.

Later whilst on an errand for Mr Brownlow, Oliver is recaptured by Bill Sykes and Nancy and taken back to Fagin's. Nancy however, upset by what she has done confesses to Mr Brownlow and agrees to return Oliver to him on London Bridge that night. In the meanwhile Mr Brownlow has discovered that Oliver is in fact his own grandson, child of his daughter who in anger, he had some years before cast out. Whilst returning Oliver, Nancy is discovered by Bill Sykes, who in a fury kills her. He runs off with Oliver, but is shot by a man in the crowd. Fagin and his boys disperse and Oliver is reunited with his grandfather.


About 1850


Act 1

Scene 1: The Workhouse - Early evening
Scene 2: The Workhouse Parlour - Later
Scene 3: The Undertakers
Scene 4: The Undertakers - Early next morning

Scene 5: Paddington Green - Morning - A week later
Scene 6: The Thieves' Kitchen
Scene 7: Paddington Green 

Act 2

Scene 1: The 'Three Cripples' - A Public House - The following evening
Scene 2: Mr Brownlow's Morning Room - Two weeks later
Scene 3: Paddington Green
Scene 4: The Thieves' Kitchen
Scene 5: The Workhouse - A few days later
Scene 6: The Brownlow's House
Scene 7: London Bridge



Act 1

'Food, Glorious Food' – Oliver & Boys
'Oliver' – Mr Bumble & Widow Corney
'I Shall Scream' – Widow Corney & Mr Bumble
'Boy for Sale' – Mr Bumble
'That's Your Funeral' – Mr Sowerberry, Mrs Sowerberry & Mr Bumble
'Where is Love?' – Oliver
'Consider Yourself' – The Artful Dodger, Oliver & Chorus
'Pick a Pocket or Two' – Fagin & Boys
'It's a Fine Life' – Nancy, Bet & Boys
'I'd Do Anything' – Dodger, Nancy, Oliver, Bet & Boys
'Be Back Soon' – Fagin, Dodger & Boys

Act 2

'Oom-pah-pah' – Nancy & Chorus
'My Name' – Bill Sikes
'As Long as He Needs Me' – Nancy
'Who Will Buy?' – Street Criers, Oliver & Chorus
'It's A Fine Life' (reprise) – Nancy, Bill Sikes, Fagin & Dodger
'Reviewing The Situation' – Fagin
'Oliver' (reprise) – Widow Corney & Mr Bumble
'As Long As He Needs Me' (reprise) – Nancy
Reviewing The Situation' (reprise) – Fagin

'Food, Glorious Food' – Boys
'Consider Yourself' – The Company
'I'd Do Anything' – Oliver & Company


Oliver: Robert Brownlie, Mr Bumble (The Beadle): John Little, Widow Corney: Els Coventry, Mr Sowerberry(The Undertaker): Barry Wirrick, Mrs Sowerberry (His Wife): Claire Keoghan, Charlotte (Their Daughter): Marjory Coventry, The Artful Dodger: Tony Killen, Fagin: John Lovett, Nancy: Marge Cousens, Bet: Moira O'Connor, Mr Brownlow: Jim Edwards, Bill Sikes: Philip Bailey, Mrs Bedwin (Brownlow's Housekeeper): Peg Leask, Dr Grimwig: Doug Hewitt

Street Criers: Rose Seller: Linda Isaacs, Milkmaid: Katherine Moore, Strawberry Seller: Beryl Hamel, Knife Grinder: Bruce Robinson, Long Song Seller: Rod Hassall

Workhouse Boys & Fagin's Gang: Matthew Fraser, Shane Gregg, Peter Hardwick, David Hart (Charley Bates), John Jelliffe, Julian Kersey, Mike Philip, Michael Rydge, Richard Shutte, Bill Teece, John Wakefield, Colin Wakefield, Bruce White, Guy Witten, Rick Yeates

Londoners: Bronwyn Bell, Jean Burrows, Marjory Coventry, Helan Dangar, Ros Dowling, Lois Foster, Andrina Harrison, Fran Kaberry, Helen Little (Old Sally), Yvonne McLeod, Dorothy Pollard, Peter Barker (Huzzar), Graeme Hancock, Keith Larsson, Ian MacDonald (Chairman & Night Watchman), David Pilcher (Bow Street Runner), Michael Poggioli, Larry Shutes (Noah), Barry Wirrick, Bill Yates


Leader: Arpad Got, First Violins: Lois Kesteven, Eunice Allingham, Kirsty Veron, Richard Milner, Second Violins: Elfi Sturmer, Florence Brereton, Margaret Gabauer, Anne McEachern, Mary Poggioli, Cello: Arpad Got, Flutes: Margaret Hawkins, Danielle Miller, Clarinets: Warren King, Leo Atherton, Oboe: Francesca Eisler,Bassoons: Jim Hawkins, Narelle Williams, French Horns: Jim Ridsdill-Smith, Carl Merten,Trumpet/Trombone: Ross Smallwood, Percussion: Peter Nicholson, Mark Root, Piano: Jenny Hayes


Stage Manager: Peter Rogers
Stage Construction & Stage Crew: Alan McRae, Bruce McRae, Lester Bray, Warren Nicholas, L Tindal, G Hynes, G Cosh, P Duddy, I Walker, B Payne, D Chandler, G Hancock, P Cousens
Lighting: Lew Payne
Effects: Geoff Bell
Prompt: Peg Leask
Wardrobe Mistress: Sylvia Pink assisted by Clarice Faint, Frances O'Brien
Costumes provided by TAS made by: Mrs R Browne, Mrs J Mair, Mrs R Vickers, Mrs R Croft, Mrs R Tully
Properties: Nerida Curtis, Barbara McConville
Make-up: Win Fayle assisted by Inga Graham, Aline Christenson, Jean Burrows, Claire Dawson, Daphne Priestly, Robyn Busby, Mary Quinn, Maggie Tyrrell, Elisabeth Macdonald, Fay Tully, Barbara Johnson, Ilona Eberle, Pat Kerr
Publicity: Betty McEachern, Nola Cummins
Sandwich Board Advertising: Michael Poggioli
Rehearsal Pianist: Jenny Hayes and for Boys: Robert Jones
Photography: Frank Anderson
House Manager: Howard Wheaton
Business Manager: Peg Leask
Special Posters: Xavier Pyros
Coffee: Marie Rowland
Usherettes: Shirley Falconer, Pam McWatters, Diane Buxton, Sue Holland, Margaret Kingdom


Armidale Teachers' College for rehearsal venue, The Armidale School for rehearsal venue

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