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'No Match for Mary'

Armidale - 1964

Stage Direction by Ron Vickress 

Musical Direction by Tim Scott

Script and lyrics by Ron Vickress. Music by Frances Taylor.


Scene 1: On board the convict transport "Prince George" entering Port Jackson in 1820.

'Does a man's heart good to see' (Sydney Town) - Chorus
'I have a load of lags on board' - Captain Barnes and chorus
'To refuse to kiss a captain in the King's navy' (It's a kind of mutiny) - Captain Barnes and chorus
'I beg that you will help him Sir' - Mary Hayes
Sydney Town - Chorus

Scene 2: George Street, Sydney. Some months later.

'We found the King's shilling in the bottom of a pot' (Redcoat's song) - Chorus
'I ain't one of your lags, a currency - lad am I' - Tommy Haines
'To buy a bonnet in Bond St O' (Bonnet Song) - Mrs Chivers-James and chorus
'We're the broad-arrowed fellows with the government stroke' (Convicts' Song) - Male chorus
'We're the thin-pinched lasses with the Factory stoop' - Female chorus
'Now it's "Can you lend me one dump sir?"' - King Bungaree
'Along the river now the crocus are in bloom' - John Schofield
'In NSW a maidservant is bottom of the pecking-order' - Jenny Davies and female chorus
'There's some as was pressed in Bristol and some in far Dundee' - Jock Pogue and chorus

Scene 3: Colonel Chivers-James' study in King Street. Same day. 

'I lead no heavy calvary but a scurvy convict troop' (Colonel's Song) - Colonel Chivers-James
'An old veteran of the Penisula' - Colonel, Captain, Waters, O'Connor 
'Now married we will be and never more will part' (Lovers' Duet) - Mary and John

Scene 4: Street outside Colonel's house, some days later.

Sydney Town (reprise) - Chorus
Convicts' Song (reprise) - Convicts and chorus
Colonel's Song (reprise) - Colonel
Bonnet Song (reprise) - Mrs Chivers-James and Mrs Murdoch
It's a kind of mutiny (reprise) - Captain and chorus
Lover's Duet (reprise) - Mary, John and chorus
Sydney Town (reprise) - Chorus


Mary Hayes: Wendy Carpenter, Jenny Davies: Karen le Brereton, Ned Breen: John Hamel, Captain Barnes: Ron Vickress,1st Mate, Mr Waters: Mark Galvin, Mrs Chivers-James: Jenny Hutchinson, Mrs Murdoch: Beryl Hamel, King Bungaree: Jim Miller, Colonel Chivers-James: John Lovett, Bosun, Jock Pogue: Barry Kerr, Will Reynolds: Adrian Smith, Tommy Haines: Wayne Pina, John Schofield: Raymond Day, Mr O'Connor: Michael Sheehan, Drummer Boy: Andrew Graham

Ladies, Maid-Servants, Factory Girls: Sharyn Jackson, Barbara Jones, Lynette Kemp, Sharon Plews, Sandra Powys-Kerr, Joanne Schumack, Judy Speer

Immigrants, Convicts, Sailors: Sergio Gonzalez, Barry Kerr, John Maynard, Geoff Patterson, Wayne Pina, Carmelo Rubio, Roger Sattler, Mike Sheehan


Stage Direction: Ron Vichress 
Musical Direction: Tim Scott 
Stage Manager: Alan Sheather
Stage Desgin: Alan Sheather, Ensi Payne
Stage Construction: Alan Sheather
Lighting: Alan Sheather
Costume Supervision: Sylvia Pick, Frances O'Brien
Properties Supervision: Mandy Muscio
Stage Crew/Make-up: Carol Symons, Ruth Pearson, Katie Hall, Jane Humphreys
Publicity: Ann Mulcahy, Adrian Smith
Programme and Handbill Artwork: Ensi Payne


Costumes: The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust, Sonia Gregg, Armidale Theatre Club, The Armidale School, Armidale College of Advanced Education, Sandra Powys-Kerr, Armidale Musical Society
Properties: Alan Wilkinson, Sonia Gregg, John Hamel, Lionel Gilbert, Frances O'Brien, Kendall Central School, Wolfgang Zielenski

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