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'Naughty Marietta'

Armidale Town Hall - April 1964 & Inverell Town Hall - May 1964

Stage Direction by Geoff Randall 
Musical Direction by Neville Meale

By Victor Herbert. By arrangement with Chappell & Co Ltd.


Set some time in the latter half of the 18th century, the plot takes its background from a troubled period when the French settlers in Louisiana were being ruled by French, Spanish and British governors in quick succession.

The show concerns the adventures of a runaway Italian countess - Contessa Mariette d'Altena - the Naughty Marietta of the title. She arrives in New Orleans disguised as a casket maid - recruited immigrants sent out by the French king and supplied with caskets containing dowries to help them find husbands. A romantic triangle develops as Marietta is pursued by Etienne, son of the Lieutenant-Governor, while she is more interested in Captain Dick Warrington, an English officer who is searching for the local pirate, Bras Pique.

After many complications, Etienne is revealed as Bras Pique and Marietta's charm proves too much for Captain Dick!

A sub-plot shows us the rise of Dick's servant Silas to the post of Governor's Whipping Boy and his final capture by the casket maid Lizette.


Act I

The Place d'Armes, a square in New Orleans

Act II

Scene 1: A Puppet Theatre
Scene 2: The New Orleans Club



Act I

Opening Act One - Ensemble
'Tramp, Tramp, Tramp' - Dick's Men
'Taisez-vous' - Casket girls and Men
'Naughty Marietta' - Marietta
'We'll Never Speak of Love' - Dick and Marietta
'Anybody Else but Me' - Lizette and Silas
'Southern Moon' - Adah
'Zing, Zing' - Marietta and chorus
Finale Act One - Ensemble


Marietta: May Robins, Captain Dick Warrington: Hugh McCrindle, Etienne Grandet: Ken Dixon, Lieutenant-Governor Grandet (his father): Alan McEachern, Silas, Dick's "man": Jack Eaton, Lizette, a casket maid: Beryl Sattler, Rudolfo: Barry Chapman, Adah, Etienne's slave: Jennifer Hutchinson, Sir Harry Blake, Dick's friend: Ilford Keena, Florenz, secretary to the Lieutenant-Governor: Lawrence Placing, Flower Girls: Franchon: Els Coventry, Nanette: Marlene Smith, Felice: Vivienne Edwards, Graziella, Rudolfo's servant: Jan Dixon

Women: Jill Royal, Frances O'Brien, Evelyn Richardson, Susan Ewing, Judy Sewell, Mary Pickham, Judy Fayle, Eleanor Galletly, Beryl Richardson, Robyn Richardson, Jeanette Pankhurst, Marion Cohen, Deirdre Poulton, Jan Dixon, Margaret Hillard, Claire Dawson, Susan Schofield, Jenny Post, Sibylla Miller, Margaret Smith, Kay Davis, Ann Haydon, Elaine Graham, Robyn Barry, Lindy Hillard, Sandra Brock, Margaret Brock, Betty Brown, Judith Martin, Lorraine Jurd, Bess Faux, Joyce Harrison, Susan Smith, Judith Reece, May Croaker, Elizabeth Hillard, Doreen Keena, Leslie Marsland

Men: Arthur Robins, Peter Poggioli, David Robins, Ray Poulton, Robert Poulton, Brian Rogers, Max Post, Dennes Fayle, Brian Harrison, Roger Patricks, Jim Edwards, John McFarlane, Jim Frazier, Don Howard, Tom Keogh, John Clay, Paul McCann, John de Gunst, Allan Spinaze, Bob Quimby, Robert Foster, Bert Buddeke, Geoff Burkhardt, Bruce Leman, Howard Wheaton

Specialty Dancers: Margaret Leask, Denise Farrer, Anita Stack, Jane Slack, Cheryl Smith, Maureen McDonald, Ann Stanfield, Beryl Bowden, Leonie Poggioli, Margaret Merrick, Lesley Christenson, Eileen Napier, Gloria Heath, Wendy Greet, Helen Placing, Barbara Westinghouse


1st Violins: Lois Kesteven (Leader), Eunice Allingham, Elvie Devlin, Derek Lindsay, 2nd Violins: Elfi Sturmer, Sheila Walker, Florence Brereton, Val Wheaton, David Goldsmith, Viola: Leonard Bell, Cellos: Carole Jensen, Eli

zabeth Lewis, Double Bass: Ruth Sowerby, Flute: Margaret Hawkins, Oboe: Evan Lewis, Clarinets: Jim Hawkins, Bill Robison, Trumpets: Lyle Peter, Brian Charlton, Piano: Barbara McGarity, Tympani: Neil Barltrop


Assistant Director: Peg Leask
Stage Manager: Charles Sourry
Stage Crew: John Overell, Peter Jackson, Harry Harris
Lighting: Harry Wadleigh
Make-up: Margaret Failes
Choreography: Lou Randall
Costumes: Xenia Woodland
Properties: Joy Stewart
Rehearsal Pianists: Barbara McGarity, Betty McEachern
Publicity: Howard Wheaton
Poster: Enid Brennan
Programme: Peter Sourry
Photography: Bill Webster, Frank Anderson
Business Manager: Elspeth Howie
House Manager: John Greet


Armidale Teachers' College for rehearsal venue, Newell's for loan of piano

Act II

Prelude and Opening - Marietta and Rudolfo 
'Marry a Marionette' - Etienne
Opening Act Two, Scene Two - Ensemble
'Falling in Love with Someone' - Dick
'New Orleans' - Chorus
'Bye and Bye' - Lizette
'Live for Today' - Quartet
'Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life' (finale) - Dick, Ensemble

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