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'Miss Hook of Holland'

Armidale Town Hall - June 1922

Stage Direction by H A Betteridge
Musical Direction by A W Dennis



'Little Meester Baggy Bweeches' - Miss Hook
'The Sleepy Canal' - Van Vuyt, Miss Hook 
'The Cigar He Brought Her' (Aldyth Hern) 
'Soldiers of the Netherlands' - Captain Adrian Paap
'I Want to be Your Wife'
'Little Miss Wooden Shoes'
'The Flyaway Kite'
'Cream of the Sky'
'The House That Hook Built'
'Knitting Sexette'
'The Sleepy Canal'
'The Flying Dutchman'
'Pink Petti from Peter'


Miss Hook: Nell Bonnick
Mr Hook: F W Milner
Bandmaster Van Vuyt: Rev McKeown
Ludwig Schnapps: Mr Cullen
??? : Aldyth Hern
Simon Slinks: Arthur Robins
(Clog Dance): Eva Bracken
Van Eck: H W Rafferty
Captain Adrian Paap: C A Hoy
Lieutenant De Coop: B McBean
An Old Policeman: R N Cotterell
Hans Maas: H S Whybrow
Hendrick Drack: B E Newland
Clara Vous: M Bowman
Gretchen: E West
Old Market Woman: H E Williams
Thekla: E Dowd

Chorus: D Mealing, Anderson, Adams, G Bracken, Rollins, Tattum, L Campbell, Mrs Davis

Band Members: L Henderson, A K Kennedy, T McFayden, C Nixon, G Patterson, C Sawyer, F Schmutter, F Snell, A Wykes

Knitting Sexette: Misses A Hern, E Hern, Fletcher, McFayden, A Williams, Coventry

Ballet Dancers: Misses Eva Bracken, M Foran, M Williams, Scriven, J Hawke, P Bracken, Shaw, Caslick, Mills, Head

Ensemble: Misses Blythe, Jean Campbell, Laurie Campbell, B Coventry, Mrs H Davis, E Donohoe, P Fletcher, C Foran, Hack, Mrs H J Hayes, Mrs W A Hirschberg, Miss K Johnstone, Mesdames F W Milner, C L Morrer, A Purkiss, Gordon Smith, Misses E Moore, Nivison, H Oberg, F Plastowe, M Plastowe, Pye, Plummer, Rae, Proudfoot, Spencer, Simpson, Stanton, E Tattam, Messrs T Beesley, N R Cotterell, E Cullen, A W Cusbert, A Edmonds, E A Geldard, D Hayes, B F May, B McBean, H P McBeath, S A McLeod, F McKeown, R Plummer, C A Schache, J Thomas 


Violins: H Hayes, Jean Irwin, Miss Chapman, C E J Scriven (Leader), J Mallaby, Cornet: Mr Herron,Euphonium: Mr Welford, Piano: Ruby Wharton, Drums: R L West 


Stage Direction: H A Betteridge
Musical Direction: A W Dennis
Stage Manager: Russell Palmer with W Stevens 
Choreography: Miss Oberg
Costumes: H E Williams, E West, W Campbell
Properties: A Hudspeth
Wigs: H A Betteridge
Set: W Upjohn, A J Woodcock 
Make-up/Lighting: Vera Burton, J A Gardner, E Barlow and Mrs Corkhill

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