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Me & My Girl

Town Hall, Armidale – May 1996

Stage Direction by Donna Murphy nee Wainohu
Musical Direction by Bruce Menzies
Produced by Margaret Kennedy
Choreography by Adele Brownlow

Book and lyrics by Douglas Furber and L. Arthur Rose revised by Stephen Fry. Music by Noel Gay. By arrangement with Dominie Drama, Australia.


The time is in the late 1930s and our story begins with a giddy throng of young Mayfair swells journeying by motorcar from London to Hampshire. As they ride they anticipate the delights of a weekend at Hareford, especially because of the expected appearance of the long-lost heir to the Earldom of Hareford. No one at Hareford Hall is more anxious to meet him than Lady Jacqueline. She makes no secret of the fact that she intends to snare him. There was only one hitch the heir must be deemed a fit and proper person by the two executors of the will – The Duchess and Sir John. The young man is summoned and he turns out to be Bill Snibson a pugnacious Cockney ne’er do-well from Lambeth, complete with bobbing brown bowler, loud checkered suit and flaming red scarf.

“Where do you live?” asks Lady Jacqui, “I live in a distant village called London. “What part?”, “All of me”. This however, does not faze the determined Duchess who, much to the consternation of Sir John and the others, is certain that she can make Bill into a proper gentleman. But there is another hitch, Bill has brought along his girlfriend, Sally Smith, also from Lambeth. This is too much, even for the Duchess!!!


Lambeth you’ve never seen, The skies ain’t blue,
The grass ain’t green, It hasn’t got the Mayfair touch,
But that don’t matter very much, We play the Lambeth way,
Not like you but a bit more gay, And when we have a bit of fun. Oh, Boy.
Any time you’re Lambeth way, Any evening any day,
You’ll find us all doi’n the Lambeth Walk.
Ev’ry little Lambeth gal, With her little Lambeth pal,
You’ll find ‘em all do’in the Lambeth walk.
Ev’rything free and easy, Do as you darn well pleasey,
Why don’t you make your way there, Go there, stay there,
Once you get down Lambeth way, Ev’ry evening, ev’ry day,
You’ll find your-self doin’ the Lambeth walk.


Act 1

Scene 1: Mayfair to Hareford Hall, Hampshire.
'A Weekend At Hareford' – Gerald and Ensemble
'Thinking Of No-One But Me ' – Jacqui and Gerald
'Family Solicitor' – Parchester and Family
'Me & My Girl' – Bill and Sally

Scene 2: Banquet preparations, Main Hall.
'An English Gentleman' – Hethersett and Staff

Scene 3: The drawing room.
'You Would If You Could' – Jacqui and Bill
'Hold My Hand' – Bill, Sally and Dancers

Scene 4: Hareford Arms Pub.
'Once You Lose Your Heart' – Sally

Scene 5: Hareford Hall, Bill’s 'debut'.
'Preparation Fugue' – The Company
'Lambeth Walk' – Bill, Sally and Company

Act 2

Scene 1: Garden, Hareford Hall. The next afternoon.
'The Sun Has Got His Hat On' – Gerald, Jacqui and Ensemble
'Take It On The Chin' – Sally

Scene 2: The library.
'Once You Lose Your Heart' (reprise) – Sally
'Song Of Hareford' – Duchess and Ensemble
'Love Makes The World Go Round' – Bill and Sir John

Scene 3: Capstan Street, Lambeth.
'Leaning On A Lamp Post' – Bill, Dancers and Ensemble

Scene 4: The Hunt Ball, Hareford Hall.

Scene 5: Wedding reception, Hareford Hall.
'Love Makes The World Go Round' / 'Me & My Girl’ (finale) – Company


In 1986 I had the pleasure of seeing a musical that touched my heart and stirred my imagination. The show “Me & My Girl”, I promised myself that, should the opportunity arise, I would involve myself in the staging of this wonderful “feel-good” show – little did I know that it would be as the Director.

With a touch of romance, pathos, avarice and lots of laughter, we travel with the characters as they deal with issues relating to love-vs-duty, rich-vs-poor and boy-vs-girl (or in the case, 2 girls). Our approach is definitely “tongue-in-cheek” and we have taken great delight in sending-up The Aristocracy and anyone else, as we pass.

“Me & My Girl” has been an enormous challenge to everyone involved - especially me! This has been true of the Chorus, in particular, who have pulled out special talents we did not realizes they possessed. My marvelous Musical Director, Bruce Menzies, has lifted our Cast to new levels, as we have all enjoyed the many styles of music in this show. My Choreographer, Adele Brownlow, has shown the cast can use their feet as effectively as their voices. Together we have laboured, perspired, laughed and applauded this team through rehearsals.

I must also thank Ngaire Lewis for her hard work. I also thank her for the excellent costumes and for her timeless support as my mother. Margaret Kennedy has provided the organisational skills essential to the smooth running of a major production. To the many individuals who work behind-the-scenes your support is wonderful and my gratitude is endless.

So, sit back and relax, and come with us as we experience the joys and sorrows that weave throughout “Me & My Girl”.


Bill Snibson: Derek Brotherson, Sally Smith: Allyson Hecker, Sir John Tremayne: Alec Watt, Maria, Duchess of Dene: Cheryl Landers, Lady Jacqueline Carstone: Leanne Hammond, The Hon. Gerald Bollingbroke: Michael Gibson, Herbert Parchester: Will Knight, Sir Jasper Tring: Ray Sharpe, Charles Hethersett: David Young, Lord Battersby: John Armbruster,Lady Battersby: Mary DeGabriele, Major Domo: Jim Landers, Celia Worthington-Worthington: Beryl Hamel, Mrs Brown: Aline Christenson, Constable: Rob Tumeth, Lady Brighton: Ngaire Lewis, Bob Barking: Sam Drake

Chorus, Cockneys & Ancestors: Alana Hennessy, Andrew Swann, Beryl Hamel, Betty Armbruster, Bev Jenkins, Cameron Bruce, Diana Drews, Leah Torbay, Lesley Bruce, Margaret Kennedy, Ngaire Lewis, Rob Tumeth, Robyn Slocombe, Rose Conley, Sam Drake, Sharyn Holmes, Wendie Hudson

Dancers: Adele Brownlow, Anita Pereira, Lana Slocombe, Nisha Dua, Tim Smith

Male Chorus: Andrew Swann, Jim Landers, Rob Tumeth, Roger Pitcher, Sam Drake


Conductor: Bruce Menzies, Flute/Piccolo: Sharon Davidge, Alto Sax: Kate McDonald, Tenor Sax: Jude Quinn, Kym Hall,Bass Clarinet: Tom Brennan, Horn: Kerry Hawkins, Trumpet 1: Wayne Elliott, Trumpet 2: Maria Ellem, Trumpet 3: Adrienne Till, Trombone: Ossie Jelleyman, Drums: Leanne Moxon, Percussion: Joanne Griffiths, Michael Harris, Andy Johnson, Robyn Reid, Guitar: Stephen Tafra, Erin Muldoon, Bass: Gill Griffiths, Violin: Errol Russell, Cello: Sue Metcalfe, Keyboard 1: Robyn Bradley, Keyboard 2: Robyn Driscoll


Director: Donna Murphy nee Wainohu
Assistant Director: Michael Gibson
Musical Director: Bruce Menzies
Producer: Margaret Kennedy
Choreographer: Adele Brownlow
Stage Manager: Barbara Colledge
Assistant Stage Managers: Brian Thomas, Margaret Kennedy
Set Design: Betty Armbruster, Propt Scenery of Newtown
Properties: Barbara Colledge
Properties Assistants: Aline Christenson, Brian Thomas, Dorothy Pollard, Ngaire Lewis
Costume Design: Ngaire Lewis
Costuming: Aline Christenson, Barbara Colledge, Frances Wellbourne, Moira Roberts
Lighting: Bryce Little, Gerwood Stewart, students from Armidale High School
Sound: Lolly Krzyszkowiak
Photography: Norma Edmonds
Publicity: Toni Welch, Lolly Krzyszkowiak
Set Construction: Roger Hansen
Stage Crew: Aline Christenson, Claire Vickers, Isabel Muldoon, Jennifer Drews
Make Up: Di Arnold
Prompt: Amanda Brownlow
Programme: John Welch, Toni Welch, Lolly Krzyszkowiak
Ticket Design: Toni Welch
Catering: Con Shears, Dorothy Pollard
Ticketing: Margaret Kennedy
Front of House: Brian Thomas, Margaret Norton, Norman Macey


Angus & Robertson for raffle prize, Armidale Community Pre-School for photocopying, Armidale High School for rehearsal venue, Bargain Box Fabrics for Sally’s dress, Betty & John DeVeau of Armidale Arts Supplies for sponsorship, Bourke’s Florist for flower arrangements, Cheryl Landers for Nutri Metrics raffle prize, Chocolate & Fine Things for lucky door prizes, Evan J Lewis for discount on raffle prize, Evans printery, HSA Real Estate for photocopying, Irresistible Syle for Lady Jacqueline’s lingerie, NBN television for advertising, Northern Daily newspaper for advertising, Peter Phillips Gift & Sporting of Uralla for loan of props, Prime Television for advertising, Radio 2AD for publicity, The New Englander for publicity, The Walnut Tree restaurant for raffle prize, Theatre Studies UNE for loan of props, UNE printery for great job done on programme, Village Health Foods for raffle prize.

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