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The Magic of Gilbert & Sullivan


Ex-Services Club, Armidale - August 2006

Stage Direction by Neil Horton, Michael Gibson, Tracey James
Musical Direction by Bruce Menzies
Produced by Neil Horton
Choreography by Tracey James

Sources for the script for this show were adapted from the following: Leslie Baily, The Gilbert & Sullivan Book, 1952. Leslie Baily, Gilbert & Sullivan and Their World, 1973. Ian Taylor, Tarantara! Tarantara! 1983. Words for I’ve Got a Little List by Mark Arnold.




Act 1


H.M.S. Pinafore


'Overture' - Armidale Symphony Orchestra
'We Sail the Ocean Blue' - Sailors
'I’m Called Little Buttercup' - Buttercup (Tracey James)
'My Gallant Crew Good Morning!' - Captain Corcoran (Neil Horton) and Sailors
'Now Give Three Cheers' - Captain Corcoran (Neil Horton), Sir Joseph Porter (Alec Watt), Sailors and Relatives
'When I Was a Lad' - Sir Joseph Porter (Alec Watt), Sailors and Relatives
'Entr’acte' - Armidale Symphony Orchestra
'Finale Act 2' - Josephine (Kate Jones), Ralph (Phil Oxley), Hebe (Gemma Brownlow), Dick Deadeye (David Gee), Captain Corcoran (Neil Horton), Buttercup (Tracey James), Sir Joseph Porter (Alec Watt), Sailors and Relatives

The Pirates of Penzance

'With Cat-like Tread' - Pirates, Police, Samuel (Chris Curcuruto)
'When The Foeman Bares His Steel' - Sergeant of Police (David Gee), Mabel (Betty Hall), Edith (Donna Wainohu), Major-General (Michael Gibson), Police and Girls
'Stay We Must Not Lose Our Senses' - Frederick (Craig Schneider), Girls and Pirates
'Here’s a First Rate Opportunity' - Girls and Pirates
'Hold Monsters' - Mabel (Betty Hall), Samuel (Chris Curcurato), Major-General (Michael Gibson), Girls and Pirates
'I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General' - Major-General (Michael Gibson), Girls and Pirates
'Oh Men of Dark and Dismal Fate' - Major-General (Michael Gibson), Samuel (Chris Curcurato), Pirate King (Alan Wilkinson), Frederick (Craig Scheider), Mabel (Betty Hall), Edith (Donna Wainohu), Kate (Frances Tafra), Ruth (Gemma Brownlow), Girls and Pirates

Act 2

The Mikado

'Overture' - Armidale Symphony Orchestra
'Behold the Lord High Executioner' - Ko-Ko (Brad Crook) and Chorus
'I’ve Got a Little List' - Ko-Ko (Brad Crook)
'Comes A Train of Little Ladies' - Ladies
'Three Little Maids From School Are We' - Yum-Yum (Ingrid Rothe), Peep-Bo (Frances Tafra), Pitti-Sing (Emily Carroll), and Ladies
'Finale Act 1' - Pooh-Bah (Neil Horton), Ko-Ko (Brad Crook), Nanki-Poo (Michael Abbott), Yum-Yum (Liz Ellis), Pish-Tush (Matti Rigby), Pitti-Sing (Emily Carroll), Peep-Bo (Frances Tafra), Katisha (Inge Southcott), Ensemble
'Braid the Raven Hair' - Pitti-Sing (Frances Tafra), Ladies
'The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze' - Yum-Yum (Rebekah Engeler)
'Willow, Tit-willow' - Ko-Ko (Phil Oxley)
'Finale' - All


Alan Wilkinson, Alec Watt, Andrew McGrath, Anne Johnston, Betty Hall, Brad Crook, Bruce Southcott, Bryce Little, Carolyn Shepherd, Chris Curcuruto, Craig Schneider, Dave Currie, David Gee, David Paterson, David White, David Young, Donna Wainohu, Emily Carroll, Felix Burkhard, Frances Tafra, Garry Slocombe, Gemma Brownlow, Gillian Carpenter, Heather Knight, Inge Southcott, Ingrid Rothe, Isabel Tasker, Jane Davies, Jenny Sholl, Joanna Trotman, Kate Jones, Kate Leonard, Kel Hardingham, Kim Glover, Laura Horton, Leanne Abbott, Liz Ellis, Louise Kelly, Lucy Hammond, Lydia Tasker, Lynn McMahon, Maree Puxty, Marg Kennedy, Margaret Vaughan, Marie O’Riley, Mark Arnold, Marney Tilley, Matti Rigby, Methuen Morgan, Michael Abbott, Michael Gibson, Neil Horton, Pat McLean, Peta Bale, Peter Maddox, Peter Norton, Phil Oxley, Rebekah Engeler, Robyn Slocombe, Ros Brady, Terry Wightman, Tracey James, William Hughes


Conductor: Bruce Menzies, Violin 1: Errol Russell, Kate Chapman, Steven Ellison, Marie McKenzie, Kate Nash, Colin Sholl, Lucette Tolhurst, Violin 2: Marion Barford, Maurice Anker, Yvonne Arnold, Anne Gates, Beth Kennrick, Marina Reader, Violas: Suzanna Powell, Chris Cunningham, Narelle Haynes, Hannah Rowland, Michael Stockwell,Violoncellos: Sue Metcalfe, Claire Chapman, Rhonda Davey, Caitlin Driscoll, Madeleine Kreusler, Camilla Tafra,Doublebass: Wendy Griffiths, Vicki Harbison, Flutes: Geoff Derrin, Sharon Davidge, Oboe: Graham Maddox, Clarinets: Janet Million, Chris Garden, Bassoon: Alex Bell, French Horns: Alastaire Finco, Jodie Winton, Trumpet: Frank Logan, Tony Jones, Trombones: David Brown, Margaret Sharpe, Tympani: Terry Million, Percussion: Robyn Bradley, Wendy Huddleston


Concept/Author: Bruce Menzies
Music Editor: Peter Maddox
Musical Director: Bruce Menzies
Directors: Neil Horton, Michael Gibson, Tracey James
Producer: Neil Horton
Choreographer: Tracey James
Narrator: Christopher Ross-Smith
Repetiteur: Robyn Bradley
Repetiteur's assistant: Diana Helmrich
Lighting/Sound: Nick Monk
Costumes: Hanneke Raanhuis
Publicity: Ingrid Rothe, Denis Wright, Chris Cunningham
Stage Crew: Diana Helmrich
Programme: Denis Wright, Diana Helmrich
Catering: Dorothy Pollard
Photography: Terry Cooke
Video: Denis Wright
Front of House: Aline Christenson, Ann Helmrich, Bettina Reader, Carol Elder, Carol Maddox, Cath Redden, Chris Gough, Daniel Kelly, Dorothy Pollard, Helen Gee, Jane Horton, Jim Harrop, Keziah Knight, Kiel O'Reilly, Lorraine Rigby, Terry Wright, Veronica O'Reilly


Armidale High School for rehearsal venue, Management and staff of the Armidale Ex-Services Club, Sato Van Aacken for the loan of Japanese fans.

The Magic of Gilbert & Sullivan graphic courtesy of Denis Wright

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