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Armidale - April 1970

Stage Direction by John Cohen
Musical Direction by Bob Dunn

In association with The Armidale Orchestra

By arrangement with Chappell & Co Ltd.


Pure rahadlakum - pure Turkish delight - is the perfect two-word description of "Kismet". Kismet means 'fate' - the capricious Lady Fortune who makes men beggars one day, great lords the next.

The setting of the play is Baghdad, in the 12th Century, during the lifetime of the poet Omar Khayyam. Hajj, a public poet, is the hero of this story. Finding difficulty in making a living as a poet he is suddenly thrust by fate in that doubtful occupation - magicianship. Fortunately, for both his daughter, Marsinah and himself, the job pays off. Hajj becomes an Emir of Baghdad. Through a series of incidents, only made possible by 'Kismet', Hajj's daughter ends up marrying the noble Caliph of Baghdad and Hajj, who assists fate in disposing of the Wazir of Police, weds the Wazir's wife, Lalume.


Act I

'Overture and Sands of Time'
'Rhymes Have I' - Poet and Marsinah
'Fate' - Poet
'Bazaar of the Caravans' - Chorus
'Not Since Nineveh' - Lalume and chorus
'Baubles, Bangles and Beads' - Marsinah and chorus
'Stranger in Paradise' - Marsinah and Caliph
'He's in Love' - Chorus
'Gesticulate' - Wazir, Lalume, Poet and chorus
'Fate, Finale Act I' - Poet and chorus

Act II

'Night of My Nights' - Caliph and chorus
'Was I Wazir?' - Wazir and chorus
'Rahadlakum' - Lalume, Poet
'And This is My Beloved' - Marsinah, Lalume, Poet and Wazir
'The Olive Tree' - Poet
'Zubbediya' - Ayah to Zubbediya and dancers
'Samaris' Dance' - Dancers
'Finale Act II' - Ensemble



Act I

Scene 1: Outside a mosque in ancient Baghdad. Dawn.
Scene 2: At the campsite of Jawan, the brigand outside the walls of Baghdad.
Scene 3: The bazaar just inside the city gates.
Scene 4: A narrow side street in Baghdad.
Scene 5: A garden surrounding Widow Yussef's house.
Scene 6: The bazaar.
Scene 7: The throne room of His Exalted Excellency The Wazir of Police.

Act II

 Scene 1: A street in the neighbourhood of Widow Yussef's house.
Scene 2: The garden.
Scene 3: An anteroom to the Wazir's harem.
Scene 4: A terrace atop the Wazir's harem.
Scene 5: A corridor in the Wazir's Palace.
Scene 6: The anteroom to the Wazir's harem.
Scene 7: The ceremonial hall in the Caliph's Palace - the Caliph's Diwan.


Hajj, a Public Poet: David Rummery, Marsinah: Audry Heatwole, Caliph: Ken Dixon, Lalume: Tonia Barrington, Wazir of Police: John Lovett, Omar: Mark Root, Inam: David Webb, Jawan: Tony Bennett, Chief Policeman: Don Squires, Ayah to Zubbediya: Julie Robins

Chorus and extras: Ladies: Ann Haydon, Margaret Squires, Glynda Ward, Kathy Briese, Daniella Salotti, Betty Dizick, Jane Pike, Lorraine Champion, May Croaker, Sue Nano, Frances O'Brien, Leigh Webb, Gentlemen: Brian Flint, Peter Robertson, Roger Patricks, John Hamel, Michael Poggioli, Peter O'Neill, James Edwards, Mesukor Seri, John Kennett, John Bourke, Greg Ross, Kevin Pike, Barry Squire, Frank Nano

Dancers: Men: Brian Flint, Barry Squire, Girls: Pien Wong, Gach Hong Khoo, Betty Aomes, Tati Soedarsono


Violins: Lois Kesteven (Leader), Alan Rae, Colin Sholl, Chris Bettle, Elfi Sturmer, Florence Brereton, Violas: Francis Atkinson, Margaret Cominos, Celli: Arpad Got, Flute: Margaret Hawkins, Clarinets: Jim Hawkins, Leo Atherton, Trumpet: Pat Costigan, Timpani and Percussion: Pat Johnson, John Nurse, Piano: Betty McEachern


Stage Direction: John Cohen
Musical Direction: Bob Dunn 
Stage Manager: Howard Wheaton
Stage Construction Crew: Tony Marjoram, Rod McLeod, Rex Holmes, Mandy Rich
Set and Costume Design: Olive Aubrey
Lighting: Lew Payne, Mark Randell, Des Steen
Costumes: Nola Cummins assisted by Sylvia Pink
Choreography: Betty Dizick
Make-up: Aline Christenson assisted by Sue Bellingham, Robin Busby, Mary Quinn, Margaret Tyrrell, Jean Burrows, Janice Chapman, Elizabeth MacDonald
Prompt: Peg Leask
Programme Cover and Posters: Jacqueline Webby
Publicity: Jacqueline Webby, Claire Keoghan
Business Manager: Clarice Faint
Rehearsal Pianist: Betty McEachern
House Manager: John Greet
Properties: Els Coventry
Photography: Frank Anderson
Usherettes: Shirley Falconer, Pam McWatters, Sue Holland, Pam Holstein, June Holstein


Armidale Teachers' College for rehearsal venue, Langton Press for printing posters

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