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The King and I

Town Hall, Armidale – 1982

Musical Direction by John Haddock
Produced by Keith Aubrey
Choreography by Margaret Coggan

Libretto based on Margaret Landon's 1944 book Anna and the King of Siam. By arrangement with Chappell and Co Ltd.


The action passes in and around the King's Palace, Bangkok, Siam in the early eighteen sixties.


Anna Leonowens is just arriving in Bangkok to take up her appointment as school teacher to the Royal Family of Siam. When Anna meets the King several weeks later, she learns that she is part of the King's plan to bring the best of Western culture to Siam. Within the first year at court, Anna has become loved by her pupils. Her son Louis and Prince Chululongkorn (the Heir Apparent) have become good friends. Anna threatens to leave, however, after her relationship with the King is strained by his continued selfish decisions. Her leave is forstalled by the arrival of an emissary from Queen Victoria and she agrees to help the King impress the British with Siam's progress towards Western ideas.

The reception for the emissary, including a ballet, The Small House Of Uncle Thomas (Uncle Tom's Cabin), is most successful. The King's elation is marred when he learns of the attempted elopement of the concubine Tuptim and the Burmese priest Lun Tha. Anna in a battle of wills, shames the King from inflicting a flogging on the concubine. Anna decides to leave Siam for good, but again is forestalled by the news that the King is close to death. She returns to the palace to pay her respects to the King and to continue her work in Siam.


Act 1


Scene 1: Deck of the Chow Phya
'I Whistle a Happy Tune'
'Vignettes and Dance'

Scene 2: The King's Library
'My Lord and Master'
'Hello Young Lovers'
'March of the Siamese Children'

Scene 3: Before Curtain

Scene 4: Schoolroom
'Getting to Know You'
'We Kiss in a Shadow'

Scene 5: Anna's Bedroom
'Shall I Tell You What I Think of You'
'Something Wonderful'

Scene 6: King's Library

Act 2

Scene 1: Reception
'Western People Funny'

Scene 2: Before Curtain
'I Have Dreamed'

Scene 3: Theatre Pavilion
'Small House of Uncle Thomas' (ballet)

Scene 4: King's Library
'Song of the King'
'Shall We Dance'

Scene 5: Room in Anna's House

Scene 6: The King's Study
'I Whistle a Happy Tune'
'Something Wonderful' (finale)


Captain Orton: Neil Woolliams, Louis Leonowens: Brendan Moar, Anna Leonowens: Jennifer Hutchinson, The Interpreter: Adrian Smith, The Kralahome: John Hamel, The King: Colin Grigg, Phra Alack: Adrian Smith, Lun Tha: Ray Day, Tuptim: Nina Woolliams, Lady Thiang: Elaine Clark, Prince Chululongkorn: Greg Clarke, Sir Edward Ramsay: Alan Wilkinson, Princess Ying Yaowlak: Jessica Woolliams

Princesses: Charlotte Adams, Claudia Hope, Elizabeth Tweedie, Fiona Coverdale, Georgina Deakin, Kylie Clarke, Lucilla Marshall, Melinda Clarke, Siubhan Marshall

Princes: Alan Woolliams, Andrew Moar, Brad Buckley, Gavin Cherry, Glen Varcoe, James Ley, Mark Coverdale, Nicholas Pearce

Wives: Alison Hutchinson, Alison Woolsey, Bernice Latina, Beryl Hamel, Bronwyn Coggan, Cybele Ross-Smith, Debbie Ray, Elizabeth Rummery, Elva Smith, Emma Adams, Felicity Drake, Judy Speer, Nicole Connolly, Pat Smith, Roslyn Hamel

Amazons: Dorothy Thompson, Estelle Pryor, Wal Rummery

The Royal Dancers: Tracey Smith, Alison Rummery, Bronwyn Coggan, Charlotte Adams, Christine Hutchinson, Claudia Hope, Cybele Ross-Smith, Elizabeth Tweedie, Felicity Drake, Leonie Bishop


Flute: Margaret Hawkins, Oboe/Cor Anglais: Evan Lewis, Clarinet: Valerie Hunt, Natalie George, Bassoon: Narelle Williams, Horn: Kerry Hawkins, Trumpet: John Archer, Philip Cutcliff, Trevor Reed, Trombone: Alan Shaw, Andrew Dodds, Drum Kit: Grahame Holmes, Percussion: Estelle Pryor, Harp: Mary Craig, Violin 1: Colin Sholl, David Sholl, Eva Wood, Toots Penfold, Violin 2: Elfie Sturmer, Meredith Patton, Richard Pulley,Violin 3: Florence Burton, Ashley Williams, Janette Barbatto, Viola: Laurie Pulley, John Maclachlan, Cello: Judy Furnival, Lynden Roberts, Bass: Michael Barki, Neil Roberts


Producer: Keith Aubrey
Musical Director: John Haddock
Choreography: Margaret Coggan 
Stage Manager: Frances O'Brien
Set Design/Construction: Alan Sheather
Lighting: Brian Lenehan
Costuming: Denise Moffatt, Robyn Kelly, Sylvia Pink
Properties: Els Coventry, John Coventry, John Savage, Lee Dawson
Makeup: Robyn Busby
Assistant to Producer: Patricia Campbell-Hardwick
Prompt: Kay Holswich

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