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'Guys and Dolls'

Arts Theatre, UNE - May/June 1998

Stage Direction by Neil Horton
Musical Direction by Bruce Menzies
Produced by Donna Wainohu
Choreography by Adele Brownlow

A musical fable of Broadway based on a story and characters of Damon Runyon. Book by Joe Swerling and Abe Burrows. Music and lyrics Frank Loesser. By arrangement with Warner-Chappell Music.


Act 1

Scene 1: Broadway.
'Fugue For Tinhorns' - Nicely-Nicely, Benny and Rusty Charlie
'Follow The Fold' - Mission Group
'The Oldest Established' - Nathan, Nicely-Nicely, Benny and Ensemble

Scene 2: Interior of the Save-A-Soul Mission.
'I’ll know' - Sarah and Sky 

Scene 3: A Phone Booth.

Scene 4: The Hot Box Nightclub.
'A Bushel And A Peck' - Adelaide and The Hot Box Dolls
'Adelaide’s Lament' - Adelaide

Scene 5: Off Broadway.
'Guys and Dolls' - Nathan, Nicely-Nicely and Benny

Scene 6: Exterior of the Mission. Noon, the next day. 

Scene 7: Off Broadway.

Scene 8: Havana, Cuba.
'Havana' - Ensemble

Scene 9: Outside el Café Cubano. Immediately following.
'If I Were A Bell' - Sarah

Scene 10: Exterior of Mission.
'My Time Of Day' - Sky
'I’ve Never Been In Love Before' - Sarah and Sky

Act 2

Scene 1: The Hot Box Nightclub.
'Take Back Your Mink' - Adelaide and The Hot Box Dolls
'Adelaide’s Lament' (reprise) - Adelaide

Scene 2: Off Broadway.
'More I Cannot Wish You' - Arvide 

Scene 3: The Crap Game.
'Luck Be A Lady' - Sky and The Crapshooters

Scene 4: Off Broadway.
'Sue Me' - Nathan and Adelaide

Scene 5: Interior Of The Save-A-Soul Mission.
'Sit Down, You’re Rocking The Boat' - Nicely-Nicely and Ensemble
'Follow The Fold' (reprise) - Mission Meeting Group

Scene 6: Near Times Square.
'Marry The Man Today' - Adelaide and Sarah

Scene 7: Broadway.
'Guys and Dolls' (reprise) - Entire Company


It has given me great pleasure to direct the Armidale Musical Society’s 1998 production of “Guys and Dolls”. This musical has been a particular favourite of mine since performing the role of Sky Masterson in the Glen Innes Arts Councils production in 1991. Its blend of comic characters, memorable songs and witty script has been described as the quintessential American Musical comedy.

As this has been only my second year in Armidale, I have had to rely heavily on the long standing society members to guide me around the way the Armidale Musical Society operates, and for this I’m extremely grateful. I would particularly like to thank Donna Wainohu, our producer, for making sure all those little things that often get missed, were done, as well as lending suggestion when ideas for staging were short on the ground. I would also like to thank Bruce Menzies, as ever an exacting task master, but one who brings out the best musically in everyone.

Our choreographer, Adele Brownlow, has done marvelous things with the numbers she has staged and we have been extremely lucky to have a person of her considerable talents. There are of course many other people who have worked above and beyond the call of duty and I am indebted to them immensely.I hope you enjoy tonight’s presentation as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. If we stir in you some latent theatrical yearning to participate - please fulfil it and join us next year to make the Armidale Musical Society stronger than ever. 


Sarah Brown: Leonore McElhone, Sky Masterson: Neil Horton, Miss Adelaide: Christine Leger, Nathan Detriot: Waine Grafton, Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Michael Gibson, Benny Southstreet: David Young, Arvide Abernathy: Ross Turvey, General Cartwright: Jo Trotman

The Guys: Rusty Charlie: John Hadfield, Scranton Slim/M.C./The Texan: Dave Toppin, Angie the Ox: Marney Tilley, Liver Lips Louie/The Blind Man/The Drunk: Greg Cooper, Big Jule: Kel Hardingham, Racetrack Richards: Mark Arnold, The Greek: John Hamel, Brandy Bottle Bates/The Havana Waiter/The Coach: Rob Tumeth, Stretch McGraw: Andrew Swann, Snake Eyes Jones/Tour Group Leader: Alec Watt, Society Max: Wendie Hudson, Harry the Horse: Brian Thomas, Scratch Sheet Smith: Cameron Bruce, Boxer/Scarecrow: Sam Drake, Lieutenant Brannigan: Gordon Lee

The Hot Box Dolls: Brook Morgan, Cassie Cornish, Emma White, Frances Tafra, Jenny Hutchins, Kristen Evans, Lana Slocombe, Lisa McGrath, Melisa Cornish, Michaal Monk, Nardia Keipert, Rachel Menzies

The Mission Band: Agatha: Kate Jones, Charity: Diana Drews, Faith: Beryl Hamel, Hope: Peta Bale, Cornet Player: Tom Menzies, Trombone Player: Katie Bradley

The Gamblers: Alec Watt, Andrew Swann, Cameron Bruce, David Toppin, Greg Cooper, John Hadfield, John Hamel, Mark Arnold, Marney Tilley, Robert Tumeth, Sam Drake, Wendie Hudson

Havana Dancers: Cameron Bruce, Lana Slocombe, Nardia Keipert, Sam Drake


Conductor: Bruce Menzies, Violin 1: Errol Russell, Laurie Pulley, Naomi Edwardson, Violin 2: Liz Henderson, Janelle Gulliver, Cello: Sue Metcalfe, Bass: Wendy Griffiths, Woodwind: Sharon Davidge, Ptolomy Watson, Anthony Birkett, Ben Godwin, Tom Whitington, Jessica McIntosh, Trumpet: Wayne Elliott, Maria Ellem, Robyn Shanahan, Trombone: Ossie Jellyman, Simon Hughes, Horn: Kerry Hawkins, Will Arnold, Piano: Robyn Bradley, Percussion: Michael Harris


Producer: Donna Wainohu
Stage Managers: Barbara Colledge, Margaret Kennedy
Repetiteur: Robyn Bradley
Prompt: Diana Helmrich
Set Designs and Construction: Jarrad Stevenson
Costume Design: Linda Foskey
Wardrobe Assitant: Dorothy Pollard
Lighting Design: Bryce Little
Lighting Assistants: Lachlan Ashley, Matthew Little
Sound: Lolly Krzyszkowiak
Choreographers: Adele Brownlow, Donna Wainohu, Neil Horton
Properties: Aline Christensen, Veronica Dempsey
Properties Assistant: Dorothy Pollard
Front of House: Debbie Towner
Posters and Publicity: Lolly Krzyszkowiak
Programmes: Jane Horton, Neil Horton
Photography: Debbie Stevenson
Rehearsal Caterer: Dorothy Pollard
Stage Hands: Bev Jenkins, Graham Drews, Lachlan Ashley, Nathan Parker, Sandra Reynolds, Stephen Watt
Autumn Festival Float: Barbara Colledge, Bev Jenkins, Dorothy Pollard, Graham Drews, Hevi Martini



Armidale Art Supplies, Armidale City Band for loan of drum, Armidale High School for rehearsal venue, Armidale Playhouse for use of grounds to build Autumn festival float, Armidale Uniting Church, Carol McGiveron at 2ARM FM, Prime television, Radio 2AD, Rosemary Mort and staff at The Independent, The Armidale Express, Tim Clark and staff at the UNE Arts Theatre, Wayne McFayden for loan of truck for the Autumn parade.

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