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Favourite Shorts - 2014

The Armidale Club, Armidale

March 2014

Produced by Alex Robson

A (Favourite) Short Note from the Creative Director

This year's Favourite Shorts have taken a remarkably (favourite) short amount of time to get together. Following the (favourite) shortlisting of the plays, the directors got to pick their favourite (shorts) play, cast their actors - some of whom, like myself are (favourite) short and so here we all are!

What you will see is a wide range of plays of varying lenghts, tones and themes. Some of the plays are written by locals, others from playwrights across Australia. All of our actors and directors are however fresh off the streets of Armidale, with varying levels of experience. It is a core principle of Favourite Shorts to enable newcomers to theatre to try their hand (buttocks?) at something which interests them and I am delighted to see so many new actors, directors and playwrights this year, as well as some old favourite (shorts). I'll stop that now.

"Amateur" is not a dirty word and these performances are amateur. And that is not to denigrate them. The actors and directors - mostly - have lives outside of these short plays and yet for the past few months have laboured over them with "professional" dedication. All involved are to be commended for their efforts.

I have tried - with questionable success - to present a balanced two-week program of plays, mixing up the colours and flavours, so each play is the next enticing course in a gluttonous banquet of theatre. The brief that the playwrights and directors were given was to keep it simple and focus on the storytelling. A story told well is far better than a story told prettily with lots of different fonts and colours and borders and illustrations and stuff. We are also very excited to be performing in this very dynamic venue! It is not a conventional theatre and you not be watching conventional theatre.

So sit back, listen to the stories, look at the storytelling, have a beer and pull on your favourite shorts!

Week ONE

'Caught with her Shorts Down' written and directed by Jenny Greaney

   Jennifer: Jenny Greaney

'Everlasting' by Donatella Parise and directed by Greg Balcombe

   Linda: Lauren Bale

   John: Ben Bible

'My Life is in my Handbag' by J. Cole and directed by Hilary Mackay

   Woman: Hilary Mackay

'Flight Path' by Deborah Sheldon and directed by Jocelyn Harris

   Jack: Tim Cluley

   Maggie: Linda Ogonowski

'Wherefore Are Thee?' written and directed by Mark C. Bourne

   Diana: Lisa Quast

'The Chopping Block' by Victor Reed-Cretia and directed by Jessica Vince-Moin

   Arthur: Nicholas Kelly

   Susan: Grace Beissel

'To the Manor Killed' written and directed by Ewan Paterson

   Lady Torrington: Roslyn Manion

   Major Torrington: Conrad White

   Bygraves: David Seaman

   Charlotte: Alma Geesink-Anton

   Bof: Kyle Donnan

   Det. Shopenhauer: Katya Gladiadis

   Constable Murray: Katie Broomfield

   Reverend Ogilvy: Jim Harrop

   Plato: Ewan Paterson

   Haggis MacMacintosh: Jenny Greaney

   Dale Woods: Joel Hooper

   Mignon: Nick Sinclair

Week TWO

'The Bitter Divorcee's Blind Date' by Danny Gibbins and directed by Nick Sinclair

   Paula: Marney Tilley

   Brendan: David Trestrail

   Waitress: Emily Waldron

   Waiter: Alex Robson

'The Mailman' written and directed by Ben Davies

   Father: Saul Cafarella

   Son: Jim Harrop

'Mrs Boardman Widens her Horizons' by Frank Davidson and directed by Margaret Sims

   Mrs Boardman: Jan Wyles

   Doreen Middleton: Sorcha Harrop

'The Colour Red' by Gavin Austin and directed by David Trestrail

   Val: Liz Ellis

   Caitlin: Bianca Schloeffel

'Telling Stories' written and directed by Jobi Strike

   Jobi: Jobi Strike

'Redundance' by Ewan Paterson and directed by Bianca Schleoffel

   Manager: Margaret Sims

   Pamela: Nicollette Burr

   Beatrice: Jan Miller

   Ernest: Luke Schloeffel


Creative Director/Producer: Alex Robson

Publicity: Marney TIlley

Poster/Program: Matthew Whittingham

Front of House: Diana Helmrich, Marg Kennedy


Steve Jackson and the Armidale Club for their invaluable support and generous hospitality

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