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Armidale - 1968

Stage Direction by Peg Leask
Music Direction by Davydd Williams

Based on Molnár's Liliom. Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein.


'Carousel' unfolds a strange and beautiful love story, told in the unforgettable songs from the hearts and pens of Rodgers and Hammerstein. Sailors sing of the sea, townsfolk gather for a gay clambake as "June is bustin' out all over"!

To the delightful strains of the 'Carousel' waltz, it's rascally hero, Billy Bigelow, falls in love with Julie Jordan and anxious to make easy money becomes involved in a robbery. Billy dies, tries to enter Heaven but returns to earth briefly to learn the deepest meaning of love. Finally, 15 years later at a graduation ceremony, Julie and Billy's daughter realises the significance of the words of the beautiful song, "You'll never walk alone", as she faces the future.


Act 1

Scene 1: An amusement pack in New England by the bay. May 1873.

Scene 2: A path by the fair. Evening of the same day.

Scene 3: Nettie Fowler's Spa by the waterfront. June.

Act 2

Scene 1: On an island across the bay. That night.

Scene 2: The waterfront - by the pier. An hour later.

Scene 3: "Up There"

Scene 4: "Down Here". Along from Julie's cottage. 15 years later.

Scene 5: Same place a few minutes later.

Scene 6: Outside the schoolhouse. Same day.


Act 1

'Prologue, The Carousel Waltz' - The orchestra
'Mister Snow' - Carrie and Julie
'If I Loved You' - Billy and Julie
'June is Bustin' Out All Over' - Chorus
'Mister Snow' (reprise) - Carrie, Mr Snow and girls
'When the Children are Asleep' - Carrie and Mr Snow
'Blow High, Blow Low' - Men's chorus
'Soliloquy' - Billy

Act 2

'A Real Nice Clambake' - Chorus
'Geraniums in the Winder' - Mr Snow
'Stonecutters Cut it on Stone' - Jigger and chorus
'What's the Use of Wondrin'' - Julie
'You'll Never Walk Alone' - Julie
'The Highest Judge of All' - Billy
'Ballet' - Heavenly Thought
'Ballet' - Louise, Circus Member and Mr Snow's children
'If I Loved You' (reprise) - Billy


Billy Bigelow: Warren Burr, Julie Jordan: Claire Keoghan, Carrie Pipperidge: Jennifer Hutchinson, Mr Enoch Snow: John Little, Jigger Craigin: Ken Dixon, Mrs Mullin: Gwen Foggon, "Heavenly Friend": Milton Milligan,Nettie Fowler: Louisa Crossle, Louise: Nanda Fraser, Juggler: Jim Graham, Mr Bascombe: John Leslie, Mrs Bascombe/Circus Member: Joan Plumley, Miss Bascombe: Margaret Baker, Heavenly Thought/Mr Snow's Child: Susan Hine, Policeman: Clyde McMillan, Starkeeper: Carol Lockyer, Arminy: Rena Clarke, Strong Man: Brian Flint, Captain Orrin Peasely: Garry Randell, Doctor: John Ryman, Enoch Snow Jnr: Philip Hazzard, Beauties: Tonia Barrington, Nola Cummins, Heather Hayward, Beauties' Attendant: Beryl Richardson, Hannah: Lou Randall

Factory Workers, Fishermen and Wives: Margaret Baker, Tonia Barrington, Rena Clarke, Sian Coventry, May Croaker, Louisa Crossle, Nola Cummins, Linley Curtis, Nerida Curtis, Elizabeth Cullen, Claire Dawson, Helen Dumbrell, Brian Flint, Laurie Gauntlett, Andrina Harrison, Heather Hayward, Philip Hazzard, Mary Henderson, Peter Hutchinson, Ilford Keena, John Leslie, Helen Little, Doug Lobban, Carol Lockyer, Clyde McMillan, Sue McSpedden, John McSpedden, Val McSwan, Milton Milligan, Jenny Pigram, Lou Randall, Garry Randell, Beryl Richardson, Caryn Richardson, John Ryman, Ian Sinclair, Luigi Stocco, Yvonne Tattersall

Dancing Girls: Tonia Barrington, Louisa Crossle, Nola Cummins, Helen Dumbrell, Heather Hayward, Helen Little, Carol Lockyer, Sue McSpedden, Jenny Pigram, Lou Randall

The Rest of Mr Snow's Children: Josef Kenna, Christine Cowley, John Leask, Steven Skinner, Jenny Skinner, Maree Keena, Wendy Keena


Violins: Lois Kesteven (Leader), Colin Sholl, Eunice Allingham, Gabrielle Emery, Elfi Sturmer, Florence Brereton, Veronica Madeley, Susan Got, Viola: Scilla Woolley, Celli: Arpad Got, Elizabeth Lewis,Flute/Piccolo: Margaret Hawkins, Oboe/Cor Anglais: Evan Lewis, Clarinet: Leo Atherton, Bassoon: Martin Woolley, French Horn: James Ridsdell-Smith, Trumpet: Pat Costigan, Tympani: Paul Johnstone,Percussion: Mainie Atherton, Piano: Margaret Coggan


Director: Peg Leask
Musical Director: Davydd Williams 
Stage Manager: John Wiseman 
Scenery: Olive Aubrey, Mandy Rich, with Nancy Geissman, Val Wiseman
Choreography: Joan Plumley
Stage Crew: Beale Williams, Brian Coggan, Tony Marjoram 
Design and Construction of The Carousel: Lew Payne, Ken Dixon, Mandy Rich, Geoff Seaman
Costume Design: Olive Aubrey 
Wardrobe: Sylvia Pink with Eleanor Galletly, Clarence Faint, Helen Clark, Eleanor Tarrant, Adrienne Brown 
Lighting: Lew Payne with Howard Wheaton
Properties: Els Coventry
Make-up: Aline Christenson
Programme Cover and Posters: Elaine Smillie
Programme Artwork: Alan Sutherland
Publicity: Milton Millian
Business and House Manager: John Greet
Rehearsal Pianists: Margaret Coggan, Betty McEachern
Photography: Frank Anderson
Usherettes: Sue Faint, Shirley Falconer, Margaret Khan, Jeanette Pankhurst, Pam McWatters


Moon's Cake Shop for doughnuts used on stage, Radio Station 2AD, The Armidale Newspaper Co Ltd, The Armidale Teachers' College for rehearsal venue, The Armidale Technical College for rehearsal venue

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