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California Suite

Hoskins Theatre, TAS -

October/November 2010

Stage Direction by Jean Freer and Neil Horton

By Neil Simon. In association with Dominie Pty Ltd. 

Act 1 - Scene 1: Visitor from New York. (Director: Jean Freer)

Hannah and Billy have met to discuss their 17 yr old daughter, Jenny. After spending the summer with her father Jenny has decided that she does not want to return to New York with her mother. During the ensuing discussion the pair recall their marriage highlighting the good and the bad. It is obvious that Billy has changed the way he lives his life while Hannah maintains her frenetic New York lifestyle and career. A bitter - sweet play with Neil Simon at his best as the dialogue rebounds between the couple as they decide where Jenny should live.

Act 1 - Scene 2: A Visitor from Philadelphia. (Director: Jean Freer)

A very funny scene! Marvin wakes to find himself in bed with a "hooker". He has no recollection of where she came from or what took place during the previous night. Bunny is completely "out of it" and therefore cannot fill in the gaps or be persuaded to move out of the room. Of course Millie, Marvin's wife arrives at the hotel, and as the play unfolds we see an increasingly frenetic Marvin as he tries to conceal Bunny from his wife. All comes right in the end - but the truth takes many twists and turns along the way!

Act 2 – Scene 1: Visitors from London. (Director: Jean Freer)

Diana has been nominated for an Oscar and has travelled to Hollywood with her husband. After a great deal of preparation and hype they set off for the awards. Following the awards Diana is drunk and their conversation which starts out as a funny re-cap of the evening turns to a bitter assault on Sidney. Despite their relationship, which obviously is one of convenience in many ways, it becomes obvious that they both care very much for each other and the audience is left with the feeling that their marriage will continue.

Act 2 – Scene 2: Visitors From Chicago. (Director: Neil Horton)
The Hollanders and Franklyn’s are best friends. They spend most of their vacations together. During a tennis match on their Californian holiday, Beth falls and sprains her ankle. While Mort struggles with her back to the Hotel room and tries to find a Doctor to attend her, it becomes apparent that all is not well in relationship between the two couples. It would appear that tensions have been brewing for sometime over who does what on their vacations and who makes the decisions with regard to their holiday activities. Mort is particularly peeved about this, with Beth’s injury and the Franklyn’s conduct during the tennis match being the last straw. When Stu and Gert arrive in the Hollander’s apartment to find out how Beth is, the tensions between the two couples come to a head. Resulting in more injuries to all concerned either self inflicted or inflicted by others. All in all a delightful “romp” to send people home with a great belly laugh.


Hannah Warren : Liz Ellis
Billy Warren: Jim Harrop

Marvin Michaels: Stuart Pavel
Millie Michaels: Cathie Lamont
Bunny: Katya Gladiadis

Sidney Nichols: Gordon Cope
Diana Nichols: Jan Wyles

Mort Hollender: Waine Grafton
Beth Hollender: Jocelyn Harris
Stu Franklyn: Ewan Paterson
Gert Franklyn: Minnie Rose


Directors: Jean Freer and Neil Horton
Stage Manager: Colin Barry 
Lighting design: Pat Bradley
Lighting desk: Diana Helmrich
Sound: Luke Pavel
Set Design: Lenore Crocker 
Costumes: Patricia Neild
Props: Barbara Colledge, Mike Gibson, Roz Brady, Bruce Nelson, Kim Rennie, Alan Wilkinson
Set Construction: Colin Barry, Pat Bradley, Methuen Morgan, Gordon Cope, Neil Horton, Ewan Paterson, Daphne McCurdy, Cathie Lamont, Jim Harrop, Bruce Menzies, Bruce Nelson, Patricia Neild 
Publicity: Marney Tilley
Poster/Program: Greg Balcombe
Ticketing: Neil Horton, Marg Kennedy
Photography: Terry Cooke
Prompt: Kylie Constantine, Anne Keoghan 
Front of House: Heather Pavel with Marg Kennedy, Anne Cunningham, Benjamin Thorn, Jody Brash, Emily Thomas-Moore, Garry Slocombe, Jane Stening, Lisa Quast, Margaret Sims, Methuen Morgan, Neil Horton, Robyn Slocombe, Sally Prowse, Rachel Horton


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