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'Call Me Madam'

Arts Theatre, UNE - April 1972

Stage Direction by Jean Burrows
Musical Direction by Elizabeth Wadleigh

Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. Lyrics by Irving Berlin. By arrangement with Chappell and Co Ltd.


Irving Berlin wrote this musical, first produced in New York in 1950, as a vehicle for Ethel Merman and based it on the real-life exploits of Pearl Mesta, who became American Ambassador to Luxembourg.

Sally Adams, a renowned "Hostess with the mostest on the ball" is appointed Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Lichtenburg. With her, as an aide, goes a very earnest young man called Kenneth Gibson. Sally has strict instructions that no American loan is to be made to the Duchy and turns all overtures down flat until she meets Cosmo Constantine, a very suave and polished member of the Cabinet.

From then on, as Sally and Cosmo fall in love, the fate of the American loan is played back and forth between Sally, Cosmo and the Lichtenburg cabinet.

Meanwhile, Kenneth falls in love with Princess Maria, the heir to the throne of Lichtenburg but their romance meets with strong opposition from the Duke and Duchess.

Eventually Sally is recalled to Washington for interfering in Lichtenburg's internal political affairs and when it looks as if all romance is ended for everyone, Sally and Cosmo and Kenneth and Maria, find their way back into each other's arms.


The play is laid in two mythical countries. One is called Lichtenburg, the other the United States of America.


Act I

'Mrs Sally Adams' - Chorus and dancers
'The Hostess with the Mostes' - Sally
'The Washington Square Dance' - Sally and chorus
'Lichtenburg' - Cosmo and chorus
'Can you use any money today' - Sally
'Marrying for love' - Sally and Cosmo
'The Ocarina' - Princess Maria and chorus
'It's a lovely day today' - Kenneth and Princess Maria
'It's a lovely day today' - Kenneth and chorus
'The best thing for you' - Sallly

Act II

'Lichtenburg' - Cosmo
'Something to dance about' - Sally and Chorus
'Once upon a time today' - Kenneth
'They like Ike' - Wilkins, Brockbank and Gallagher
'It's a lovely day today' (reprise) - Kenneth and Maria
'I wonder why' - 'You're just in love' - Kenneth and Sally
'It's a lovely day today' - Kenneth and Maria
'Mrs Sally Adams' - Chorus
'You're just in love' - Sally and chorus


Act I

Scene 1 - Office of the Secretary of State 
Scene 2 - Sally's living room in Washington
Scene 3 - Public Square in Lichtenburg
Scene 4 - Reception room in American Embassy
Scene 5 - Public Square in Lichtenburg
Scene 6 - The Lichtenburg Fair
Scene 7 - A corridor in the Palace
Scene 8 - Sally's sitting room in the Embassy

Act II

Scene 1 - The Public Square
Scene 2 - The Embassy Garden
Scene 3 - The Public Square
Scene 4 - Sally's sitting room
Scene 5 - Sally's living room in Washington


Mrs Sally Adams: Claire Keoghan
Secretary of State: John Vernon
Congressman Wilkins: David Pitt
Henry Gibson: Rob Vickeress 
Kenneth Gibson: Don Squires
Senator Gallagher: George Pittendrigh
 Senator Brockbank: Hugh Burrows
Cosmo Constantine: Bill Crocker
Pemberton Maxwell: John Cohen 
Clerk: Ray Delangre
Hugo Tantinnin: Bryce Morris-Yates
Sebastian Sebastian: Keith Aubrey
Princess Maria: Kirsty Veron
Court Chamberlain: Mark Root
Grand Duchess Sophie: Peg Leask
Grand Duke Otto: Maurice Kelly
Ocarina Boys: Roderick Diehl, Alan Burrows

Dancers: Ralph Behrens, Wendy Gray, John Kennett, Gail Monsuere, Greg Ross, Suzanne Ross, Julie Tranter, Barry Wirrick

Washington Society and Lichtenburgers: Lorna Connor, Elizabeth Dains, Ray Delangre, Betty Dizick, Margaret Ellevsen, Margaret Gabauer, John Hamel (Chief Justice), Peter Hassan, Karen How, Gwyn James (Butler), Beverley Jenkins, Fran Kaberry, Elisabeth Macdonald, Elsie McNamara, Maxine Metcalf (Miss Phillips), Jennifer Moon, Frances O'Brien, Christine Pulley, Peter Robertson, David Webb


Piano: Elizabeth Wadleigh, John Lovett, Drums: Bruce Leman, Bass Guitar: Cliff Johnson


Stage Direction: Jean Burrows
Musical Direction: Elizabeth Wadleigh 
Stage Manager: John Tilley
Stage Crew: Peter Anderson, Simon Noble, Dave Read, Gary Woods
Set Construction: Tony Marjoram, George Keoghan, John Tilley, Drummond College students
Set Painting: Lois Foster, Sue Hunt, Perry Brown, Barbara Hutchinson, Steve Chambers, Muriel Carter, Helen Frazer
Choreographer: Christine Abbott
Costumes: Sylvia Pink with Clarice Faint, Frances O'Brien
Costume Design: Lenore Crocker
Lighting: Harry Wadleigh with Bob Herbert
Prompt: Mary Quinn
Properties: Margaret Baker
Make-up: Aline Christenson, Robyn Busby
Set Design: John Tilley, Lenore Crocker
Publicity: Helen Little, John Little
Sandwich Board Advertising: Michael Poggioli
Business Manager: Peg Leask
House Manager: Jim Edwards
Photography: Frank Anderson
Rehearal Pianist for Dancers: Marlene James
Refreshments: Helen Little
Usherettes: Shirley Falconer, Cheryl Kelly, Margaret Kingdom, Diane Buxton, Anne Whitton


Armidale Teachers' College for rehearsal facility, Bob Herbert supervisor of UNE Arts Theatre for technical advice

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