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'Bound for Dixie: A Musical Trip to the South'

Armidale Playhouse, Armidale - September/October 1989

Stage Direction by Rhonda Davies 
Musical Direction by Roger Pitcher


Act 1

Travellers board the Robert E Lee for a trip on the Mississippi, with the songs telling the story "Alabama Bound". The typical gambler, John Whittley and his lady friend Donna Murphy ("Can't Help Lovin' That Man O' Mine"). The new loves "Carolina Moon" Ngaire Wainohu and Beautiful Dreamer Raymond Day. The single men with their ideas of the right lady. "Little Liza Jane" Brian Thomas and "The Girl That Marry" Norman Macey. And the Bar Girl Simone Rukl "St Louis Blues".

Act 2

Down on the old plantation "Cotton Fields" Ngaire Wainohu and Donna Murphy then Donna with "Lazy Bones" (Derek Norton) who then sings "River Stay Away From My Door". "Old Man River" Dick Woodley. There are also four Negro spirituals "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" Donna Murphy, "Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen" Ngaire Wainohu, "Were You There" Raymond Day, "Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho" Norman Macey. Also Rhonda Davies and Raymond Day with "There's A Hole In The Bucket" and the combining of "Battle Hymn Of The Republic" with "Dixie" as the finale.


The idea of "Bound for Dixie" came from a show that the Narrabri Musical Society presented. The show was put together by Elizabeth Spicer. Elizabeth is a talented actress and has a beautiful soprano voice. During my stay of 8 years in Narrabri she was behind many of the great productions that Narrabri presented and that I was a part of.

"Bound for Dixie" has been fun to work on, all the company have worked hard and as in all amateur shows 'wear many hats'.

It has been fun and if you leave tonight feeling you have felt the nostalgia of the river boats and experienced the beauty, sadness and riches of Negro spirituals, I will feel its all been worth it.


Anne-Marie Powell, Beryl Hamel, Betty Ridley, Bev Whittley, Brian Thomas, Debbie Towner, Derek Norton, Dick Woodley, Donna Murphy nee Wainohu, Dorothy Pollard, Elaine Fullerton-Smith, Frances O’Brien, Francis Norton, Gail Smith, Jennie Fitzpatrick, John Fitzpatrick, John Goode, John Whittley, Lisa Smith, Malcolm Rixion, Margaret Kennedy, Ngaire Wainohu, Norman Macey, Raymond Day, Rhonda Davies, Roger Pitcher, Shan Fawcett, Simone Rackl, Sue Brown, Tracy Van der Valk, Val Shakeshaft, Wilma Gentle

Pamela Poole Dancers: Tap: Belinda Lenon, Can Can: Amanda Tongue, Christie Mathews-Smith, Michelle Ray, Pick A Bale: Christie Mathews-Smith


Director: Rhonda Davies
Musical Director: Roger Pitcher
Set Design: Gail Smith, Lisa Smith
Lighting: Francis Norton
Piano: Elaine Fullerton-Smith
Guitar: Jennie Fitzpatrick
Publicity: Norman Macey

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