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Blood Brothers: The Play

Hoskins Theatre, TAS, Armidale - June 2009

Directed by George Torbay 
Produced by Methuen Morgan 

By Willy Russell. By special arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd. 


Liverpool, England. 1962-1985. 


I love a good story, I always have. Blood Brothers is a good story and a fascinating piece. On the surface, it appears simple and straight forward. You will even have the feeling that you have surely heard this story before.

Two women strike a deal to trade in human life; twin brothers are separated shortly after birth growing up in contrasting worlds; a young woman whose love for both brothers will inadvertently drive a wedge between them; a grim and ominous narrator who is always there to remind you that "a debt is a debt and must be paid'.

The question of blame hangs heavily over all of the dramatic action. The Narrator asks you to "judge for yourselves". Yes this is a story of tragedy, a tragedy rooted in the evils of social and economic inequality. But more than that, the Narrator asks if it is fate, superstition or "that thing we have come to know as class" that is to blame.

You will surely find a culprit. There are many from whom to choose.

Perhaps you don't care about all of that. Perhaps all you want is to just get lost in a good story. Well then... "Bring on the mother, let the story begin".

CAST (in order of appearance)

Narrator: Greg Balcombe, Mrs Johnstone: Julie Collins, Milkman: Greg Balcombe, Mrs Lyons: Norma Abey,Doctor: Greg Balcombe, Finance Man: Warren Bartik, Mr Lyons: Warren Bartik, Mickey: Sam Trotman,Eddie: Peter Norton, Linda: Sarah Watson, Policeman: Warren Bartik, Teacher: Greg Balcombe 


Director: George Torbay 
Producer: Methuen Morgan 
Stage Manager: Marney Tilley 
Set Design: Simon Greer 
Set Construction: Pat Bradley
Set and stage painting: Lenore Crocker 
Lighting Design: Chris Snape 
Lighting Operator: Jen Mitchell
Sound Design: George Torbay, Luke Polson
Sound Operators: Luke Polson
Costumes: Deb King
Properties: Pam Menzies 
Production Assistant: Simon Polson 
Publicity: Marney Tilley
Poster and programme: Greg Balcombe
Theatre Manager: Pat Bradley 
Front of House managers: Marg Kennedy, Diana Helmrich
Box Office: Mike Gibson
Caterer: Karyn Martin 
Bar: Methuen Morgan, Garry Slocombe
Ushers: Andrew Busby, Ania Glover, Ben Thorn, Bettina Reader, Bryce Little, Cecile Michels-Thorn, Claire Keoghan, Ellie Paris, Emily Thomas-Moore, Fay Paris, Garry Slocombe, Hayden Martin, Heloise Fortin, James Walker, Jim Harrop, Jody Brash, Lisa Quast, Margaret Sims, Mavis Townsend, Meredith Adams, Michelle Hobbs, Rhianna Windred, Robyn Slocombe, Roslyn Moran, Sorcha Harrop, Tim Snell, Toby Partridge


The Armidale School, Dymock's, New England Hotel, Wicklow Hotel, Harrison Abey, Pat Bradley, Jean Freer, Rosemary Mort, New England Building Recyclers, Neil Horton, Lindy Hardman and Image2Dye4, Glenn Watson, Armidale Antiques and Design, Alec and Jane Watt, Lifeline, Ron Grant, Rebecca Tafra, Langedale Estate Cumbria (UK)

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