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A Kick in the Baubles


Hoskins Theatre, TAS - December 2012

By Gordon Steel. By arrangement with Hal Leonard Pty Ltd on behalf of Josef Weinberger Ltd London.


London, in the home of Frank and Jean Bailey. The house is rather worn and tired, other than a brand new carpet in the lounge.


Act I

Scene 1 – Christmas Eve, 7.15am

Scene 2 – Two hours later

Scene 3 – Ten minutes later

Scene 4 – One hour later

Scene 5 – Christmas Day, 9am

Scene 6 – An hour and a half later

Scene 7 – One hour later

Scene 8 – Thirty minutes later


Act II

Scene 1 – Christmas Day, mid afternoon

Scene 2 – A few hours later



Growing up in the UK, my clearest memories of Christmas are having a house packed to bursting with relatives and my mum buying enough groceries to feed the whole street. If anyone left Christmas at our house without saying that they wouldn’t be able to eat for a week, then that year’s Christmas was a disaster of epic proportions!

When I started looking for a play to direct after 2011’s Blithe Spirit, I knew that I wanted to choose something broad and funny, that was set at Christmas and would give everyone in the audience at least one “Oh my God, that’s MY family!” moment.

A Kick in the Baubles features the comic worst of Christmas. The relatives you can’t stand, the neighbours you can’t get rid of and the alcohol-fueled arguments. However, what really drew me to the play is that, despite all that, Frank and Jean try to lay on the best Christmas they can and no matter how awful it gets, we know that they’ll do it all again next year, because that’s what families do.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to a wonderful cast and crew, who have worked incredibly hard to bring you a production which we all hope will send you home smiling.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank David Trestrail, the Producer for A Kick in the Baubles. Without his support and dedication, there really wouldn’t be a production.

ADMS would like to wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and we hope that it goes a lot smoother for you all that it does for poor Frank and Jean!

CAST in order of appearance

Frank: Neil Horton, Jean: Anne Keoghan, Alex: Millie Graham, Doreen: Deborah Hunter, Harry: Jim Harrop, Gary: Waine Grafton, Julie: Emily Thomas-Moore, Millie: Katya Gladiadis, Darren: Ewan Paterson


Director: Mark Bourne

Producer: David Trestrail

Stage Manager: Ben Bible

Set Design: Mark Bourne, David Trestrail

Construction Engineer: Pat Bradley

Set Construction: Pat Bradley, Mark Bourne, David Trestrail, Neil Horton, Ben Bible, Millie Graham, Barbara Albury, Jim Harrop, Sarah Watson, Rachel Horton, Waine Grafton, Katya Gladiadis, Martin Mantle

Lighting Design and Operation: Pat Bradley

Sound Operator: Carolyn Shepherd

Costumes: Mark Bourne and cast

Props: Mark Bourne, Rachel Horton and cast

Publicity Manager: Marney Tilley

Poster Design: Mark Bourne

Program: Greg Balcombe

Front of House Manager: David Trestrail

Door Sales: Diana Helmrich

Back Stage Crew: Mitch Cartwright, Katie Bloomfield, Rachel Horton


Mick Kelly and Kelly Transport, Barbara Albury, Jan Wyles, Mike Gibson, Whitebull Hotel for displaying our banner, Christmas with a Difference

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