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'ANZAC Salute'

Arts Theatre, UNE - April 1990

Stage Direction by Donna Wainohu nee Murphy
Musical Direction by Pam Douglas, Audrey Heatwole
Choreography by Shan Fawcett

75 Years On poem by Dawn Smith.


Act 1

'A.N.Z.A.C.' - Chorus
'The Ode' - Margaret Norton, John Hamel
'Wish Me Luck' - Chorus
'Bring Him Home' - Donny Wainohu nee Murphy
'We're In The Army Now' - Chorus
'On Parade' - John Hamel
'Pack Up Your Troubles' - Chorus
'Siegried Line' - Chorus
'Brown Slouch Hat' - Norman Macey
'Lilli Marlene' - Sue Brown
'Hello, Hello, Who's Your Lady Friend' - Chorus
'M'selle From Armentieres' - Chorus
'Poem: Seventy Five Years On' - Margaret Kennedy, John Hamel
'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' - Evelyn Griffith
'Nursie' - Male Chorus
'Peg 'O My Heart' - Male Chorus
'Kiss Me Goodnight Sgt. Major' - Male Chorus
'You Make Me Love You' - Derek Norton
'Rose Of No Man's Land' - Ngaire Wainohu 
'Roll Out The Barrell' - Chorus
'Greater Love Than This' - Sharyn Holmes
'Side By Side' - Betty Ridley, Derek Norton
'The Front' - Brian Thomas
'Sunny Side Of The Street' - Shan Fawcett
'Who Goes There??' - Brian Thomas
'When You're Smiling' - Chorus
'Danny Boy' - Ray Day, Brian Thomas
'Lily Of Laguna' - Chorus
'How Would I Be!' - Derek Norton
'Tipperary' - Chorus
'A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square' - Jenny Sayer
'Bless 'Em All' - Chorus

Act 2

'You'll Never Know' - Jenny Sayer
'You Are My Sunshine' - Brian Thomas
'White Cliffs Of Dover' - Audry Heatwole
'Look For The Silver Lining' - Beryl Hamel
'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy' - Shan Fawcett, Brian Thomas, Norman Macey
'Cruising Down The River' - Leonard O'Reilly, Theresa O'Reilly and Chorus
'Shine On Harvest Moon' - Donna Wainohu nee Murphy
'La Cucaracha' - Audry Heatwole
'We'll Meet Again' - Ngaire Wainohu
'What A Wonderful World' - Peter King, Norman Macey
'No Man's Land' - Tracy Van der Valk, Michael Van der Valk, David Grey
'We're In The Army Now' (reprise) - Chorus
'There's Something About A Soldier' - Chorus
'We're In The Navy Now' - Chorus
'Ship Ahoy' - Chorus
'We're In The Airforce Now' - Chorus
'Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer' - Ray Day, Peter King
'We're In The Services Now' - Chorus
'Poem: Seventy Five Years On' - Margaret Kennedy
'ANZAC Song' - Chorus
'Haere Mai - Chant' - Buster Wainohu and Maoris
'Haere Mai - Welcome' - Buster Wainohu and Maoris
'Pokarekare Ana' - Buster Wainohu and Maoris
'Haka' - Buster Wainohu and Maoris
'Road To Gundagai' - Chorus
'Waltzing Matilda' - Chorus
'Finale: Do You Hear People Sing' - Full Chorus
'Encore: Now Is The Hour' - Chorus


He remembers, oh so clearly,
The suffering and the pain
Of the weeks endured in the trenches
While the bullets round him rained.
He saw his comrades falling
On that sad Gallipoli Shore
And he silently prays that the world will learn, forever,
And stop this bloody war.
And then he sees a vision
Of 75 years hence
Just like a show appearing
Things to come, revealing.
In the first 24 years,
Youth will be called once more
To defend their Country
In another all-out war.
Not just in Europe, or the Middle East,
But in Malaysia, New Guinea and Borneo, as well,
From north to south and east to west
Their life's blood they will shed
And no-one will escape its scourge,
In towns and in the country, too,
Terror will engulf them all.
While, on the home fronts, gather
The women to the force.
To man the ploughs, shear the sheep
And work in factories, too.
And they will keep the nation building
And peace will come once more.

One would think that when it was all done
The world would have had enough
Of fighting and destruction,
But, no! They keep on fighting
In Korea and Vietnam
Where still more lives are given
To the freedom fighter's band.
And I sometimes wonder
If it's all worthwhile.
If only Mankind could learn
To live in peace,
Until the end of time.
But still, some nations squabble
And fight among themselves.
But we here in Australia
Have offered solace and a piece of rest
To war torn, homeless people.
So, may we always cherish
That freedom, so hard won
By our fighting men and women,
Seventy Five Years on!
How lucky we are in Australia
That we are not torn adrift.
May we always remember, with heartfelt thanks,
That marvelous, ANZAC's gift. 


ANZAC Salute depicts the great spirit of service men and women who have fought for this country. We arenot glorifying war but we should remember the sacrifices made to enable us to enjoy our present freedom.

This is not a history lesson. We have employed a compliation of songs to convey the spirit, the gusto with which we have fought and now, peacefully live. We could not include every conflict since Gallipoli, but have endeavoured to acknowledge each, if only in passsing, as well as the job done by those at home.

Relax, enjoy the music and singalong with us as we travel the trenches with the ANZACs.


Ann-Marie Powell, Audry Heatwole, Beryl Hamel, Betty Ridley, Bev Whitley, Brian Thomas, Buster Wainohu, David Grey, Dawn Smith, Debbie Towner, Derek Norton, Donny Wainohu nee Murphy, Dorothy Pollard, Evelyn Griffith, Jenny Sayer, John Hamel, John Whitley, Kura Michael, Leonard O'Reilly, Margaret Kennedy, Margaret Norton, Michael Van der Valk, Ngaire Wainohu, Noa McLeod, Norman Macey, Pat McLean, Peter King, Ray Day, Shan Fawcett, Sharyn Holmes, Sue Brown, Theresa O'Reilly, Tracy Van der Valk

Chorus: Ann-Marie Powell, Bev Whitley, Dawn Smith, Debbie Towner, Dorothy Pollard, John Whitley, Kura Michael, Noa McLeod, Pat McLean


Director: Donna Wainohu nee Murphy
Assistant Director: Ngaire Wainohu
Musical Directors: Pam Douglas, Audrey Heatwole
Repetiteur: Pam Douglas
House Manageress: Frances O'Brien
Choreographer: Shan Fawcett
Stage Manager: Lisa Smith
Stage Crew: Sonya O'Keefe, Mary Steel
Set Design: Betty Ridley
Lighting Design: Bruce McRae
Lighting/Sound: Tim Kitching, Frances Norton, Paul Davies
Costuming: Ngaire Wainohu
Publicity: Brian Thomas, Norman Macey


Armidale Naval/Police Museum - Ken Roper, Buster Wainohu from Sydney, Danieli Studios, Armidale - Jonathon Jedburgh, Lyn Thomson for Logo Design, New England Music - Stuart Lathwell, UNE Union Cultural Services - Paul Harper-Green, Uralla Military Museum - Darcy Hassett

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