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Armidale - 1975

Produced and Directed by Claire Keoghan and John Lovett 

By John Crocker. Words and music by Eric Gilder. Additional numbers by John Crocker. Orchestral arrangement by Ray Delangre and Elizabeth Dickison. By arrangement with Will Andrade, Sydney.


Act 1

Scene 1: The Market Place, Pekin

Scene 2: The End of Nowhere and Jessie Street, Pekin

Scene 3: Widow Twankey's Laundry

Scene 4: Outside the Laundry

Scene 5: On the Way to the Cave

Scene 6: The Magic Cave of Jewels

Act 2

Scene 1: Widow Twankey's Launderette

Scene 2: The Emperor's Audience Chamber

Scene 3: Abanazar's Den

Scene 4: Aladdin's Palace

Scene 5: Outside the Palace

Scene 6: The Palace, Africa

Scene 7: Lost Property

Scene 8: Aladdin's Wedding Day


Pantomine, as we know it today, is a form of entertainment all on its own, derived from a number of different sources, the ballet, the opera, the music hall and the realms of folklore and fairy tale. And elements of all of these are still be be found in it. This strange mixture has created a splendid topsy-turvy world were men are women, women are men, where the present is embraced within the past, where people are hit but not hurt, where authority is constantly flouted, where fun is poked at everything including pantomine itself at time and above all, where magic abounds and dreams invariably come true. In other words, it is fun - so come with us now to join ALADDIN in his adventures with the magic lamp until he and his Princess are happily united.


Ping & Pong the Pekin Police Force: Jim Reid & Beryl Hamel, Aladdin (Widow Twankey's Son): Helen G. Richards, Typhoo (A Panda): Pat Kerr, Wishee Washee (Widow Twankey's Laundry Boy): Bruce Leman, The Emperor of China: Don Squires, The Empress of China: Pat Bowyer, Widow Twankey: Doug Hewitt,Princess Baldrouba-Dour: Rosamond Brown, Abanazar: John Lovett, The Slave of the Ring: Paul Mitchell,The Slave of the Lamp: Ron Vickress, A Camel: David Pitt and John Leslie

Chorus: Shirley Falconer, Lyn Forbes, Merilyn Pitt, John Leslie, David Pitt

Children: Patricia Keoghan, Paul Drake

Dancers: Margaret Coggan, Carol Czipri, Stella Edmondson, Judy Lubrano, Marion Mandeville, Frances Zirkler

Piano: Wendy Huddleston, Violins: Lois Kesteven, Eunice Allingham, Clarinet: James Ridsdill-Smith


Stage Manager: Howard Wheaton
Stage Design and Costume Design: Lenore Crocker
Stage Construction and Stage Crew: Tony Marjoram, Rex Holmes, Ray Webb
Lighting: Garry Woods
Choreography: Betty Dizick
Prompt: Frances O'Brien
Wardrobe: Sylvia Pink with Clarice Faint, Noeline Marjoram, Barbara Delangre
Properties: Els Coventry, Nerida Curtis
Make-up: Robyn Busby
Publicity: Christine Pulley
Rehearsal Pianist: Marlene James
Photography: Andersons Photography
House Manager: John Coventry
Business Manager: Peter Robertson
Poster Design: Olive Aubrey
Coffee: Gwenda Hardie
Ushers: Pam McWatters
Effects: Ann Taylor


Armidale Demonstration School for rehearsal venue, Armidale Teachers' College for rehearsal venue

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