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How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Town Hall, Armidale - October 1991

Stage Direction by Bill Gleeson
Musical Direction by Pam Douglas

Book by Abe Burrows, Jack Weinstock and Willie Gilbert. Music and lyrics by Frank Loesser. By arrangement with Warner/Chappell Music and Music Theatre International, New York.


The Place: The World Wide Wicket Company, Manhattan.

The Time: October 1991.


Act 1

Scene 1: Exterior Of The World Wide Wicket Company
'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying' - Finch

Scene 2: Corridor Of The World Wide Wicket Company
'Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm' - Rosemary

Scene 3: Outer Office Of The World Wide Wicket Company
'Coffee Break' - Frump, Smitty and Office Staff

Scene 4: The Mail Room
'The Company Way' - Finch, Twimble

Scene 5: Biggley's Office

Scene 6: Corridor Of The World Wide Wicket Company
'A Secretary Is Not A Toy' - Bratt, Frump and Office Staff

Scene 7: The Elevator Landing 
'Been a Long Day' - Finch, Rosemary, Smitty
'Been a Long Day' (reprise) - Biggley, Hedy, Frump

Scene 8: The Outer Office 
'Grand Old Ivy' - Finch, Biggley

Scene 9: Finch's First Office

Scene 10: Plans and Systems Office

Scene 11: Corridor
'Paris Original' - Rosemary

Scene 12: The Roof
'Paris Original' - Rosemary, Smitty, Miss Jones and Office Staff

Scene 13: Elevator Landing

Scene 14: Biggley's Office 
'Rosemary' - Finch, Rosemary
'Finale' - Finch, Rosemary, Frump

Act 2

Scene 1: The Outer Office
'Cinderella Darling' – Smitty, Rosemary and Secretaries

Scene 2: Finch's New Advertising Office
'Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm' (reprise) - Rosemary

Scene 3: Biggley's Office
'Love From A Heart Of Gold' – Biggley, Hedy

Scene 4: Men's Washroom
'Gotta Stop That Man/I Believe In You' – Finch and Men

Scene 5: Boardroom

Scene 6: Televison Show

Scene 7: Wrecked Outer Office 
'I Believe In You' (reprise) – Rosemary

Scene 8: Biggley's Office 
'Brotherhood Of Man' – Finch, Womper, Biggley, Miss Jones and Office Staff

Scene 9: The Outer Office
'Finale: The Company Way' – Company


J. Pierrepont Finch: Norman Macey, Rosemary Pilkington: Monique Lewis, J.B. Biggley: Michael Gibson,Bud Frump: Tim Snell, Hedy La Rue: Ngaire Wainohu, Smitty: Sharyn Holmes, Mr Twimble: John Armbruster, Miss Jones: Beryl Hamel, Mr Bratt: Brian Thomas, Miss Krumholtz: Julie Stovin, Mr Gatch/Mr Toynbee: John Hamel, Mr Wally Womper: Roger Pitcher, B.B.D. Ovington: Ray Day, Mr Tackaberry/Jenkins: Ray Sharpe, Security Guard: Helen Saunders, Scrub Women: Margaret Kennedy, Bev Jenkins, Secretaries: Betty Ridley, Bev Jenkins, Debbie Towner, Dorothy Pollard, Helen Saunders, Margaret Kennedy, Sue Brown, Tracy Van der Valk, Book Voice: Roger Pitcher


Director: Bill Gleeson
Musical Director: Pam Douglas
Assistant Director: Michael Gibson
Piano: Bill Gleeson, Pam Douglas
Drums: Greg Bourne
Set Design/Construction: Betty Ridley, Malcolm Rixon
Costuming: Gail Smith
Stage Crew: Lisa Smith, Zoe Smith
Lighting: Bruce McRae, Brian Lenehan
Makeup: Di Arnold, Margaret Norton
Publicity/Programme: Brian Thomas, Sue Brown, Tracey Van der Valk
Ticketing: Frances O’Brien
Front of House: Frances O’Brien, Gloria Fatchez, Gayle Heron, Shirley Falconer


Hanna’s of Armidale for material for “Paris Original”

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying graphic courtesy of Betty Ridley

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